The *Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personal, Kid caption is a copypasta meme that is generally employed to mockingly subtitle pictures of young men wielding katanas or other mall ninja weaponry (Source). But it’s also used in an oblique manner- especially in video game streams.

A Classic Example

Teleports behind you… from Cringetopia

In terms of where it came from, according to KnowYourMeme, the meme is derived from various action-orientated anime series, the teleportation maneuver to wind up behind them is a well-known opponent attack. Generally, these anime fighters will move with supernatural speed, ending up behind their opponent. KnowYourMeme speculates that the origin might be traced to the Dragon Ball series, but when it comes to bladed weapons, the meme may have spun out of the manga series Bleach.

Live Action Example

The Lil Goat YouTuber credited “Joe Capo” for the hilarious clip below:

Let’s take a look at some examples of its use in the wild.

11 Of the Best ‘teleports behind you’ Memes

Traveling Alone

Teleports behind you. from justneckbeardthings

The TSA apparently confiscated a foot long replica knife from a carry-on bag in Atlanta. This was apparently a good excuse to use this meme to mock the traveler.

V For Vendetta

*Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personnel, Kid from justneckbeardthings

The Guy Fawkes mask tattoo earned some derision online for its edgy qualities.

The Way Of The Blade

Teleports behind you from dankmemes

This young man is wielding some videogame weaponry in real life- he is evidently a ‘student of the blade’.

Neckbeard Dog

* teleports behind you* Nothing personal kid from justneckbeardthings

Over in the Neck Beard Things subreddit, a user posted an image of this fluffy white dog playfully wielding a fake sword.

Crossguard Clubbing

*teleports behind you and ends you rightly* from HistoryMemes

Over in history memes, someone posted a screen grab of a conversation between two people discussing a hypothetical knight fight. The first person is swinging a katana and the second person bends a euro sword and smashes his enemy to death wielding a cross guard as a club.

Minecraft Meme

*teleports behind you* from dankmemes

Dead By Daylight

*teleports behind you* from deadbydaylight

Thomas Transfiguring

*Teleports behind you nothin personal kid from crappyoffbrands

Thomas the Tank Engine train is reconfigured into a Mortal Kombat looking robot equipped with a serrated sword, captioned with the nothing personal kid subtitle.

PubG Xbox

* teleports behind you “ nothing personal kid” from PUBGXboxOne

Hearts Of Iron Game Strategy

*Teleports behind you* from hoi4

What’s Reddit Saying

We took a look at Reddit to examine the meme’s (sometimes misspelled as nothing personnel kid) origins and found some Redditors who offered the following explanations:

1. The meme originated as a joke meant to poke fun at people that are acting ‘edgy’. It originated from anime where the RPG characters try to outdo each other. The first “teleports behind you” meme the commenter observed was in a “nothing personal kid” thread in a Sonic, Coldsteel the Hedgehog character fan thread. These two phrases are commonly used together because they both seem childish and irritating. He is not too sure about this though, and would like to hear what other people think or know.

2. Another Redditor said that it comes from a story of a mythical swordsman. The swordsman has other supernatural powers that allowed him to do more than human activities. One of the main strengths he had was speed. He was rumored to be able to teleport himself behind his opponent and slice him dead with just one swing.

3. The meme came as a joke from action movies where the main character is trying to be killed. This main star will then quickly move behind the attacker. He or she will then say “it’s nothing personal kid” before executing the attacker.

4. In another Redditor’s opinion “the nothing personal kid,” phrase is used by people who are trying too hard to be cool.

5. The phrase is not related to the Sonic animation at all, another Redditor opined.


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