The 40+ Best Cursed Images | r/CursedImages Meme Origins & Backstory

These images are cursed...

One of our favorite subreddits at Strong Socials is r/CursedImages. The subreddit describes itself this way: “all images posted here are cursed“. The subreddit is a near constant source of weird, strange and terrifyingly odd photos that frequently make you do a double take. We curated some of the best cursed images from Reddit- and we tried to keep it PG-13, so if you’re at work, the images shouldn’t get you fired if your boss creeps up on you. Though you’d probably have some explaining to do.

Urban Dictionary has a good definition, because apparently there’s a lot of controversy regarding what is and isn’t a “cursed image”:

A cursed image is any image that can incite the 5 W’s in a person, these 5 W’s being, who, what, when, where and why. things like this missing from a image are what is supposed to make you really think and there should be no answer. a image can have these properties but not be cursed. a cursed image also needs a good vibe to it and is commonly a non photoshopped image that has been taken with a old camera or phone.

Its Origins

According to KnowYourMeme the cursed images concept began on Tumblr from the CursedImages account. The first image they posted, on October 28th, 2015, was this one below:

After the Tumblr image became popular, Twitter and Reddit took over, with the r/CursedImages subreddit eventually becoming the go-to resource for these forsaken pictures (Source). That said, let’s take a look at some of the best cursed images ever to crawl out of the depths of the internet.

The 40+ Best Cursed Images


cursed_superfriends from cursedimages

The context here is absent- is it Halloween? Hard to explain what’s going on with Christ shouldering a rocket launcher and an “Ebola Hunter” armed with a biohazard mask and what looks like Super Soakers.

SpongeBob Circumcision?

cursed_doctor from cursedimages

Not a doctor’s office we’d like to visit.


cursed_cow from cursedimages

This poor cow is stuck.


cursed_2 from cursedimages

This poor kid is stuck in the floor and passes the time eating some candy bars that are in reach.


Cursed_thinktank from cursedimages

Very weird image. Over on Reddit, there was some controversy, with one Redditor disputing how cursed vs creepy the image is.

He said that, while this picture is unquestionably cursed, he doesn’t think it’s the best example of a cursed image.

The notion of an image being cursed is more of an abstract thing that is based on a variety of tiny subtleties like picture quality, camera settings, and just that overall feeling of uneasiness that it introduces to the viewer, not because the image is downright disturbing but more due to its unusual or inexplicable nature.

Google Earth

cursed_error from cursedimages

A Google Earth error causes a mess that reads “Unfortunately, Earth has stopped.” Pretty scary.


cursed_vsauce from cursedimages

Pickle Me Elmo

Cursed_Pickles from cursedimages

Must be a clever Halloween craft because who would pickle Elmo?

Horse Drift

Cursed_drift from cursedimages

This horse rider drifted so hard that the ground is sparking.

Flesh Chair

cursed_chair from cursedimages

A dollar store is selling a Tyson “Flesh Chair” with a realistic navel- it’s marketed as a “chair-shaped flank of lab-grown flesh”. Why?


Cursed_smokebreak from cursedimages

An unsuspecting smoker is haunted by an evil cigarette with a burning ash head.

Gross Ceiling Fan

Cursed_Everything from cursedimages

This looks like a hoarder’s den- perhaps someone who has smoked for 50 years indoors without ever doing any house cleaning.

Horse Drawn Nightmare

cursed_night_mare from cursedimages

A hologram-eyed horse visits you at night.

Subway Surfers

Cursed_subwaysurfers from cursedimages

Looks like a subway technician is outrunning a hurtling train.

Joe The People Follower

Cursed_Follower from cursedimages

A pretty weird service…but one thing we’ve learned researching internet culture is that people are into some pretty weird stuff!

Leaving Last?

Cursed_Warning from cursedimages

Cursed Cereal

cursed_cereal from cursedimages

At first glance, it looks like some delicious banana slices, but upon closer inspection, it’s apparently religious wafers submerged in Monster energy drink- gross!


cursed_hit from cursedimages

No Words…

cursed_deepthroat from cursedimages


cursed_concert from cursedimages

An evil concert- looks like 3d-printed cartoon characters with weirdly rendered 3d face masks.


cursed_wookie from cursedimages


cursed_defense from cursedimages

Imagine Shaq visiting you at night. Standing over you. You wake up and grab your spare toothbrushes to form a hex symbol before he launches a powerhouse attack.

Sweater Overlord

Cursed_sweater from cursedimages

These poor souls kneel at the altar of a hoodie God, ready to do his bidding.

Chicken Nugget Prom

cursed_prom from cursedimages

What girl would find this romantic? Maybe a Cursed Images reader. Probably an inside joke gone awry.

Garfield Lasagna

Cursed_Lasagna from cursedimages

A cartoon classic is blended with an evil insect, hunting its owner for delicious lasagna.


Cursed_prostest from cursedimages

Evil Gumballs

cursed_candy from cursedimages

Gumballs and bouncing balls are mixed together in the ultimate lawsuit dispenser. Victims should hire a meso lawyer!

Lisa Simpson

cursed_Simpsons from cursedimages

If you’re a Simpsons fan and cherish the show, this one might really disturb you.

Medieval Arrest

Cursed_Arrest from cursedimages

Panda Alligators

cursed_panda from cursedimages

Evil Drain Drink

cursed_beverage from cursedimages

Space Mountain Scares

Cursed_Ride from cursedimages

Dark Plank

Cursed_Loss from cursedimages

Cockroach Club

cursed_gathering from cursedimages

Haunted Toilet

cursed_toilet from cursedimages

We’re pretty sure that everyone has had that nightmare experience of a toilet suddenly and slowly overflowing. Perhaps with something truly evil soaking up over the porcelain lip. Perhaps you’re at a friend’s house when it happens- nothing more embarassing!

SpongeBob Strikes

cursed_swimming_pool from cursedimages

Armed Stalker

Cursed_stalker from cursedimages

It looks like a cat. Or maybe it’s a chicken. Either way, it’s coming for you.

Carnivorous Mickey Mouse

cursed_consumption from cursedimages

Crime Scene Hopscotch

cursed_game from cursedimages

Todd Howard

Cursed_ToddHoward from cursedimages

Evil Phone Charger

cursed_charger from cursedimages

Toy Story

Cursed_rage from cursedimages

Bad Stream

cursed_stream from cursedimages

Pen Pocket

Cursed_Pocket from cursedimages

Kohl Mailer

Cursed_Mail from cursedimages

Labrator Fetch

Cursed_party from cursedimages

Looks like something from Stephen King’s Pet Semetary.


Some of the top requested cursed images are for cats, dogs, food, funny options, 4chan versions, and anime styles. You can even find cursed image generators online.

As we’ve seen, the use of the meme has become rampant, though its impact also creates a division regarding their usefulness and negative impact. Memes have become a top way for youngsters to communicate, which creates concerns as to whether this is beneficial or harmful.

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The main controversy arises from the debate regarding how memes affect children’s ability to communicate properly. Regardless of this, the use of memes is on the rise and is showing signs of continuing to do so. Many types of memes are available and are all used to express different feelings, one of them being cursed images memes

As the name suggests, cursed images are pictures that cause uneasiness to the viewer due to their qualities. These qualities may range from the contents of the picture to the quality of the picture itself. Such pictures usually lead to the viewer wondering about certain aspects of it such as who, what, why, where and when.


For an image to be considered cursed and used in such meme, it has to be an original in that it doesn’t have any modifications to change some essential attributes that were there when it was taken. The cursed image memes are therefore perceived as disturbing to the viewer and are also seen as similar to horror characters. Though there are some Photoshopped images we’ve seen- the subreddit even has a tag for it.


These memes, like the horror legends, are mostly shared and spread through online platforms especially social media platforms. These social media accounts are usually created for the sole purpose of sharing cursed image memes. An individual posts an image they consider “cursed” then accompanies it with the same caption.

Cursed images are often self-explanatory and don’t usually require an accompanying text. They are mostly used to express one’s feelings especially of disappointment or just humor.

For almost one year, the cursed images concept was constricted within tumble until a similar account was opened on twitter. The twitter accounted created the first post in July 2016 and gained thousands of followers that accumulated to over 100,000 within a four-month period. This lead to more popularity which attracted other media outlets such as the New Yorker and New York Magazine which both came up with articles regarding cursed images. Since then, the meme has continued to grow in popularity and is now considered one of the worldwide sensations.


These memes have been around since 2015 when they were first created. The first cursed image meme originated from tumble where it was posted by one of the account owners. The account named cursed images posted the first image in the month of October that year and it garnered over a thousand notes.

Since then several images have used to create the meme but they have all followed the concept of the first post. Twitter and Facebook have been the major social media platforms for sharing these memes but other platforms have been used as well.

Summing Up

Cursed images memes are a great way to prank others and share pictures that would otherwise be overlooked with the world. The definition of what a cursed image is may differ with every individual but the impact they create remains the same. anyone can come up with their own memes but those who want to check them can visit any of the social media pages and accounts dedicated to them.


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