The 23 Best Cyka Blyat Memes | Plus Meaning & Backstory

In this post, we dive into the meaning of Cyka Blyat, plus curate a choice list of the 23 best memes.

What Does It Mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the term Cyka Blyat (sometimes misspelled as “suka blyat” is “Russian for something between “bitch” and “f*cking bitch”. While “cyka” means “bitch”, “blyat” is a generic amplifier word like “to f*ck”

They do note that the term “blyad” with a “d” actually means “whore”, while illiterate native speakers (a frequent occurrence in all languages) think it is related, but it isn’t.

The exact meaning of the phrase can’t actually be translated because of grammar differences.

It is frequently associated with the CS: Go – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game. Urban Dictionary satirically claims that it’s common for gamers to shout it when someone dies, when someone kills someone, when someone joins the game, and when someone moves.

Origins & Dissemination

The first reported instance, according to Know Your Meme, was an entry in their own meme database, but was further disseminated by some viral, Russian dashcam footage called Blyat On The Road Compilation:

Now that we’re acquainted with its origins, let’s dive into some of the funniest memes that have sprung out of this Russian expression of frustration:

The 23 Best Cyka Blyat Memes

The 23 Best Cyka Blyat Memes
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Errant Soccer Ball

Cyka blyat from PewdiepieSubmissions

Anti-Communist Language

Cyka Blyat from memes


Cyka blyat from ANormalDayInRussia

5 Ways To Make A Whistle Out Of A Household Item

Cyka blyat from PewdiepieSubmissions


Cyka Blyat from DeepFriedMemes

r/WorldOfWarShips Leningrad Ship

cyka blyat from WorldOfWarships

r/dankmemes Office Parody

Cyka blyat from dankmemes

Virginity Killer VS Cyka Blyat

Virginity Killer vs Cyka Blyat from memes

More Deep Fried Memes

Cyka blyat from DeepFriedMemes

The Gentle Laborer

cyka blyat from dankmemes

r/RoastMe Challenge

Cyka Blyat me lads from RoastMe

Improving Nicaragua’s Economy

Cyka Blyat from memes


Cyka blyat from PewdiepieSubmissions

Pulling Grenade Pins

When you are in dorms and hear "Cyka Blyat" and 3 grenade pins being pulled… from EscapefromTarkov

Swedis, Irish and Spanish Girls VS Russian Girls

Cyka Blyat from HistoryMemes

r/AnimeMemes: A Good Drink

Cyka blyat, that’s a good drink from Animemes

Hungry Russians

Cyka blyat from PewdiepieSubmissions

Stalin Has Left The Online Session

phew cyka blyat from memes

Heavy Slavic Breathing

Cyka blyat from PewdiepieSubmissions

A Blyat Cat

Cyka Blyat from pics

Squatting Squad Runs Out Of Vodka

CYKA BLYAT from ANormalDayInRussia

Cursed Image

☭ cyka blyat ☭ from memes

I Smoke Mid

Cyka blyat from csgo

Summing Up

Anyone who travels a lot on the Internet, especially in forums or in games, where people from all over the world meet, will also meet in the most diverse languages and thus also in the most diverse expressions.

One of these expressions circulating the Internet and (unfortunately) used very often is Cyka Blyat.

Unfortunately, in this case, as one might already think, the expression is not exactly a nice compliment, but rather the opposite of it.

It’s popular in PC games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive but also DOTA 2 and other online games. Especially when you play with Russian players, these two words are more common. But what is the meaning behind it?

Literal Google Translation

Cyka (also: Suka, Cyrillic: сука) is the Russian word for “slut” and “bitch”. It is synonymous with the English term “Bitch”, which can also mean “bitch” or “bitch”. In addition to “bitch” the term cyka can also be described as “tussi”, “beast” or “bitch”.

Blyat (also: bljad, blyad, Cyrillic: блять) is the Russian word for “whore”. It is not spoken in the public and in the family circle. However, on the Internet is increasingly heard.

Application And Meaning

The literal translation as “slut whore” does not apply. Much more, “cyka blyat” is a curse word for Russian online gamers that they use to express anger, disappointment, frustration, anger and annoyance. The context is crucial here.

While Germans say “shit” and Americans say “f*ck”, Russians say “blyat”. The heightened version “cyka blyat” can be equated with “damn shit” or “holy shit”.

Sometimes in online games after a win the Russian player “cyka blyat idi nahui” can be heard.

“Idi nahui” (Cyrillic: Иди Науи) can be translated directly as “Go to the tail”, but means in analogous translation: “F*ck you in the knee” – in English: “Go f*ck yourself”.

“Cyka blyat idi nahui” means: “Damn shit, f*ck you in the knee!”

The term is used more and more often in social networks, such as on Facebook, on Twitter, in online games, but lately, especially in memes on 9GAG and other platforms.

An online game in which this term is often and happily used is the game Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If you are not only a player in this game, but also activated the chat, then you will always meet people who can not distinguish the game from the reality and take the whole thing a bit too seriously. And, accordingly, become insulting. If there is a Russian on the other side of the game, then the term can well be heard.

When you hear it in a multiplayer game, it’s no praise for your great style of playing CS: GO. Quite the opposite. It’s a pretty tough insult in Russian. Both words are Russian. In both cases, the meaning remains the same, it is an insult.

It is now clear that the term is not a nice compliment. But what exactly does it mean when one translates the two words that make up the phrase from Russian.

The word “Cyka” means is translated as “bitch”. But this is not, as one can already foresee, described the female counterpart to a male, but the word should rather be a harsh description for the term slut or bitch.

The second word from the expression ” Blyad ” translates from Russian as the word ” whore “.

The individual meanings of the two words are now clear, so that one can actually begin to think what the whole phrase means when the two words are put together in the phrase Cyka Blyat. In English, one would probably translate the entire expression as ” F *** ing bitch “.

If one expresses this expression, then one can not feel honored by it, but rather offended.


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