Strong Socials is a social media news hub.

We help you understand the origins of different hashtags, examine the backstories of famous social media stars on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and more.

There’s a lot of interesting backstories to research- tons of different hashtags, for example, have complex and amusing origins.

You can use this information to understand the workings of social media if you’re trying to grow your brand.

Or you might just be confused why a particular hashtag is trending- we function sort of like an Urban Dictionary for social media slang, helping you remain ‘culturally aware’.

We’re also going to make an effort, in the future, to include some proprietary analytics- sort of like how SocialBlade has become an industry resource for digital marketers who need cutting-edge data on social media accounts.

As we produce more and more content, we’re going to figure out what readers like and pivot towards providing the best-quality, most engaging content we can.

If you have a question, shoot us an email here.

About The Founder

Ryan, StrongSocials founder

Ryan (on the right), like many youngish (mid-30s) Americans is obsessed with internet culture. This site is a passion project to compile research on memes, weird hashtags, and other fun, internet phenomenon. You can read more about him on his LinkedIn.