The 18 Best It Is Wednesday, My Dudes Memes | Meaning & Origins

its wednesday my dudes meme

The “It Is Wednesday My Dudes” meme refers to an amusing image of a Budgett’s frog coupled with the phrase “It is Wednesday, my dudes.” The comical image is frequently parodied due to the entertaining appearance of the frog, which is also renown for its unusual vocalizations (Source).


The meme originated from a 2014 Tumblr user called “kidpix2″ entitled ”Wednesday”. It’s since gained over 60,000 notes (Source).

After its Tumblr success, it kicked around the internet a bit, with a popular Vine user giving it another viral repurposing:

The JimmyHere Viner recreated it a bunch of different times wearing different costumes and in situations.

Since then, it has been remixed in a ton of different ways, including this imaginative music video called “Wednesday Finale” from ZimoNitrome:

Epic Meme Compilation

Another YouTuber compiled some of the best clips- creating a mashup of Wednesday-dude hilarity:

Below, we curated some more of the best memes, including some interesting retakes on this popular phenomenon:

17 Best Wednesday, My Dudes Memes

r/Minnesota Dudes

It is Wednesday, my dudes and dudettes (/r/minnesota) from mistyfront

This meme capitalizes on the term- referencing the apparent fact that in Minnesota tornado sirens go off on Wednesdays.

Weather Map Frog

[Map] "It Is Wednesday My Dudes" Species Niche Model from NoSillySuffix

In this image, a weather map resembles the popular frog meme- an amusing reference for those in the know.


It is Wednesday, my dudes from ImagesOfFrance

This meme employs a translation tool- a funny reinterpretation of the meme.

Canadian Politics


New Year Wednesday

It is Wednesday, my dudes from memes

Winnie The Pooh Meme

It is Wednesday my dudes from memes

In this meme, Pooh and Piglet are having a conversation about the day of the week. It’s somewhat dark, but the user who screenshot it found a way to reference the Wednesday Dude meme.


It is Wednesday my dudes AAAAAHHHHHH from memes


It is Wednesday my dudes from AnimalCrossing


You can imitate anyone’s voice but can only say "It is Wednesday my dudes" in that person’s voice and only on Wednesdays in your current timezone. from shittysuperpowers

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (r/UIUC)

It is wednesday, my dudes from UIUC

This one is a bit more arcane- if you go to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, you can probably explain this one to us.


Weekly reminder that it is Wednesday, my dudes. from hearthstonecirclejerk

A spirit of the frog spell helps serve as a weekly reminder that, indeed, it is Wednesday, my dudes.

Calamari Race Team (r/CalamariRaceTeam)

it is Wednesday my dudes from CalamariRaceTeam

Dragon Ball Super

It is Wednesday my dudes from Dragonballsuper

Star Trek Gifs

It is Wednesday, my dudes from startrekgifs

Labrador Meme

It is Wednesday my dudes from memes

We don’t really get the reference here- it’s a pretty bizarre image given how happy go lucky Labradors are.


It is Wednesday my dudes… from Honda

Reference is a little obscure with this one as well- maybe Honda aficionados can explain it.

World of Warcraft Frog

It is Wednesday my dudes from wow




The impact of internet can be felt socially, in the professional sector and even in educational fields. One of the products of continuous internet use is the creation of memes that has grown rapidly. Memes starting becoming part of daily human lives years ago and by 2011, it was incorporated into a university’s syllabus showing just how much impact they have on society. Since then they have grown in popularity and use.

Meme creation presents an endless pool of ideas which means that there’s no limit to how many memes of what type one can come up with.

One of the most popular memes that has been used since a year ago is the “it is Wednesday my dudes meme” which involves use of Budgett’s frog. Also known as Wednesday frog, it allows people to explore different ways of passing their message across. The main reason for using this frog is the way it looks. This type of frog usually has an appearance that is considered funny.

It has a very big head that takes up to one third of the entire body accompanied by a very large mouth as well. This frog usually thrives in shallow water and very fat, with short limbs that are not webbed. The sounds made by the frog has also favored it as a good meme creation object on Wednesdays.

It is Wednesday my dudes meme was first created in 2014 by a Tumblr user. It made its debut there and has since been an internet sensation being used every Wednesday. The user named kidpix2 gave the meme the meme a title “Wednesday” which explain why it is only used for Wednesday.


One of the common uses of the meme is to pass a message across in a funny manner. One can express their thoughts by incorporating this frog into a message they want people to get. You just have to ensure that the message is “relatable” and relevant.

Another use of this meme is to entertain readers as well as the person creating it. It provides a good way to relieve boredom and put one’s creativity into practice. As the meme is being created, a person is encouraged to use different lines and modifications of the frog to create what they want.

It is Wednesday my dudes meme can also be used to promote a business or brand. Since memes have the potential of being shared fast across different internet platforms, using the frog with a message relating to your brand will ensure you reach a wider customer base in a short time.

Fun facts

  1. A vine user quoted the phrase then proceeded to copy the frog’s scream. It ended up getting 15 million loops, over 140,000 likes and 70,000 revines.
  2. JimmiHere, the vine user, went ahead to create different variations of the initial creation using different costumes.
  3. By 2016, there were over 100 results of the meme on vine.
  4. The meme had a Facebook page created for it in 2015 and has gotten over 800 likes.

This meme is funny, creative and can be informative. Its popularity has continued to grow and is only showing signs of doing so.


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