The 17 Best Car Salesman Memes | Slaps Roof Of Car Meaning

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In this post, we examine the Car Salesman and curate 17 of the best memes that sprung out of this curious phrasal template.

The stereotypes about people that sell cars aren’t exactly pleasant. People frequently describe car salesmen as greasy, conniving con artists that are more than happy to trick people into spending their money on a hunk of junk. The “Slaps Roof of Car” or Car Salesman Meme pokes fun of the experiences that many people have had when they’ve gone car shopping.

What’s This Meme All About?

This meme tries to mimic a sales conversation between someone shopping for a car and a car salesman. The meme has the salesman say the words “this bad boy can fit so much ______ in it” as he slaps a car’s roof. There are many variations on this template, but they all feature the same phrase (Source).


The first instance of the meme was a tweet from September 30th, 2014. A Twitter user with the name @OBiiieeee sent out a tweet joking about a car salesman that bragged about the amount of spaghetti a car could hold:


Approximately a month later, on October 28th, 2014, another Twitter user, @Carlitos_N, sent out a tweet with a similar format that made a joke about a spider on the mirror of the vehicle.

However, it took more than three years before the joke really began to spread. A Redditor with the username sweetums1313 shared the tweet in a subreddit named /r/me_irl. Seven months later, that post had more than 13,000 in karma and over 130 comments.

me_irl from me_irl

A Twitter user with the name @MirGucci created an illustration to accompany the original tweet on June 25th, 2018.

After this image was created, people in the /r/dankmemes subreddit used the image to create their own versions of the meme. Although the meme was a huge success, it was also criticized by members of the community for being a low-effort joke. Within 24 hours, the subreddit was creating memes that were mocking the popularity of this meme.

That’s How Mafia Works

Must’ve been a Lv. 1 Crook…. from dankmemes

This one is so dank that we don’t understand it.

Elon Musk Says It Doesn’t Need Fuel

MEME👏REVIEW👏 from PewdiepieSubmissions

A Pewdiepie Submission, this was nominated for a meme review on the popular YouTuber’s channel.

The Office (r/DunderMifflin)

*jumps fence* from DunderMifflin

We’re fans of the Office and this one is pretty oblique. One Redditor said, that during a “watch-through” a few years ago, he wanted to concentrate on the nuances of Toby, and his personality growth. He is, the Redditor said, one of the most entertaining actors on the Office. The majority his solid one-liners are customarily sharp, subtle, and followed by a funny Michael line.

This is the impressive thing about the Office, he says! You can view that TVshow many times over and catch so many tiny details that are just as entertaining as the first time you saw it.

Scott Cawthon

[Joke] Hey look! Another "slap roof of car" meme! from fivenightsatfreddys

We need a bit more context for this one as well- but that’s the beauty of the meme. It finds purchase in so many small niches and gets reinterpreted in diverse ways.

No Sales

me irl from me_irl

A Free Speech Library

Are car salesman roof slap memes still cool? from Acadiana

Isaac Newton

For every action there is a…. from memes

Somewhat Sexual

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When your Honda Accord revs it's engine 😩🍆💦

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Moth Slap

Very Meta

Even though this one is one of the more amorphous entries, something about it is amusing.

So Many Baptists

Uraraka /  BMW

Again, color us clueless- but we do recognize a BMW 3 Series in the photograph. Doubtless, if you’re an anime or manga fan and you’re familiar with the Uraka character, this meme probably makes perfect sense. But, isn’t that the fun of it- some of these memes are so obscure that they become poginant, private jokes?

Missed The Car

Emotive Indie Rock

What Else Is There To Know?

While the “Slaps Roof of Car” meme only took off recently, the meme actually originated several years ago. Since then, it has spread on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Since it’s easy to create jokes around the meme, it quickly exploded in popularity after an image template was created. Since then, this meme has dominated subreddits like r/animemes and r/dankmemes. The meme has even cropped up on unrelated subreddits, such as r/OCD. Although this meme isn’t loved by everyone, it clearly has plenty of fans.


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