The 11+ Best Boneless Pizza Memes | Plus Meaning & Origin

boneless meme meaning and backstory

The Boneless Pizza meme refers to a bunch of image macros and prank calls that reference a YouTube video that showcases a mock conversation between a man ordering a “boneless pizza” and a suspicious restaurant employee.

The Original Video

The original video was published by the Sethical YouTuber on May 28th, 2017:

Script / Copypasta (clean version)
Baku:Bruh I’m Hungry Right Now Phone Ringing

Schnitzel:Ya Pizza Whats you want


Schnitzel: That Kinda Pizza And 2 LITER MACHINE 🅱️ROKE We Got 1 Liter THO




Schnitzel: You Said Lemme Get It 🅱️oneless Like Pizza Got A Bone In It

Baku: Yall got Bones In Ya Pizza Then


Baku:So Wats Da Problem?

Schnitzel: B O O G A L O O Name One Pizza That Got Bone In It

Baku: JUST DONT PUT THEM BONES IN MAH PIZZA BRUH!!! How many Times I Gotta Say It?

Schnitzel:Bruh Just Explain to me? How DID The Pizza Can Be 🅱️oneless?

Baku: If It got No 🅱️one In it iss 🅱️ONELESS.

Schnitzel: Son wat school u go to?

Baku: Dawg I Dont understand the problem Just Make Mah Pizza 🅱️ONELESS BOOGALOO

Schnitzel: IM NOT MAKING THIS PIZZA (Source)

A sequel video appeared on June 1st, Sethical called “Can I get a bag of chips with that,” which references, according to KnowYourMeme, the Did You Just Assume My Gender? and Understandable, Have a Nice Day memes:

This led to a flurry of memes as social media users capitalized on this bizarre, boneless request.

It was so popular that it got featured on the FBE YouTube channel in a video entitled “College Kids React To Boneless Pizza Memes”, which has over 4 million views as of this writing.

11 Of The Funniest Boneless Pizza Memes

Amazing Creations

boneless pizza meme
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Public Safety Advisory

funny boneless pizza pic
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DJ Khaled

dj khaled boneless meme
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Asking For It

I asked for a boneless pizza from JCBackfire


I ask for boneless sausage from BonelessPizza


BoneLESS pizza from creepyPMs


Boneless pizza from dankmemes


Hope it grabs me some of that boneless pizza from dankmemes

Shower Thoughts

Boneless pizza is just crustless pizza from Showerthoughts

Beanbags Are Boneless Sofas

boneless pizza anyone? from memes

Meme Economy

Is the boneless pizza market saturated, or is there still investment opportunity? from MemeEconomy

More Background

Who thought that a silly prank could take the internet by storm? Well, such is the case of boneless pizza. Just like other memes, this meme started off with a simple, asinine order of a boneless pizza. It’s a totally weird request that left the (albeit fake) pizza worker in disbelief.

Just like many other memes, boneless pizza is a combination of numerous macro images together with prank calls gathered based off of the original YouTube video. In the video, there is a dialogue between a man crazily ordering a boneless pizza from a restaurant employee. The video further shows an incredulous response from the employee, because who would order a boneless pizza? Since when did a piazza have a bone or bones? With time, the actions YouTube video generated a wealth of funny memes and Vine clips.


As stated before, the boneless pizza meme originated from a weird, staged order request from a man to a takeout worker. The man, as seen on the YouTube video was wearing a costume and mask depicting Aku Aku, a character from Crash Bandicoot, which is a video game character.

On 28th May 2017, one YouTuber, who goes by the name Sethical, who is also the creator of the boneless meme uploaded the video. According to Sethical, the idea of boneless pizza started as a joke between him and his friend. The video, however, was depicted in a more exaggerated form from the original real conversation. For instance, in the real situation, Sethical had his order delivered unlike his fictional character in the YouTube video. In just 3 weeks upon uploading, the video received more than 300,000 views and more than 700 comments. This was the origin of the “boneless pizza” meme.

After three weeks, it attracted massive views all over the world. What started as a mere joke had got the attention of more than 300,000 views worldwide in a matter of only three weeks. This was so incredible that the YouTuber decided to expand the meme into a series with Baku as the main character.

This led to the development of Baku Adventures which basically gets its idea of food order from the first video. Sethical references other memes in the videos. For instance, on 1st June, Sethical uploaded a new video on the series titled “can I get a bag of chips with that”. In this video, he referenced understandable meme, have a nice day meme and did you just assume my gender? Meme. The “boneless pizza” meme has been defined as “pizza with no bones in it” by Urban Dictionary and the definition was submitted by Hugh Dick on 8th, June.


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