The 20+ Best ‘Those Are Rookie Numbers’ Memes | Meaning & Backstory

Those are rookie numbers!

rookie numbers meme

In this post, we dissect the Those Are Rookie Numbers meme- examining its origins and showcasing 20+ of the best examples circulating social.

So, you have seen The Wolf of Wall Street movie a number of times and have been fascinated by the storytelling of Martin Scorsese and the acting of Leonardo DiCaprio. It was such a wonderful movie and even got a number of Oscar nominations in the year 2014. Back then, you didn’t see a lot of memes that you do now.

Every dialogue, every expression, every phrase, and every image can be tweaked in such a way so that it can bring out the humor of the situation. You add a catch-phrase to one of the images, and bam, it becomes a meme doing the rounds in social media.

One of the memes that recently got very popular, and by popular, it means like internationally popular is the dialogue of Matthew McConaughey in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Original Clip

Why the buzz?

So, in that scene, Matthew McConaughey is asking Leo how many times he jerks off in a week to which Leo replies that maybe three or four times. Then comes the meme of a dialogue “Gotta pump those numbers. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.” This dialogue has now become a worldwide meme and is being used to represent hilarious situations.

The dialogue with Matthew’s expression “Those are rookie numbers” with Matthew’s expression is doing the rounds in various companies and some of the memes are absolutely hilarious. One such meme that became popular quite recently is “The average man swears about 80 to 90 times a day – Gotta pump those numbers. Those are rookie numbers”

The funny part of this meme is the fact that some people swear a lot throughout the day. So, if someone says that they swear around 80 to 90 times a day, it would be underestimating them. This, in turn, indicates that the meme is actually pointing out to the fact that the average person swears more than just 80 or 90 times. They do way more than that.

The Xbox Meme

Another meme that got circulated a lot quite lately with the same dialogue was when a mom complained about her son’s addiction to X-box. The meme said “My son’s 11-hours a day X-box addiction – Gotta pump those numbers. Those are rookie numbers”

That is another hilarious meme that became popular both among the teenagers and a wide section of the parents who are aware of what memes are. Almost every other parent is annoyed by the fact that their child is spending too much time on the x-box instead of studying.

So, when this meme came out, it became an instant hit because those who are addicted to playing on the x-box wanted to spend more time while their parents wanted just the opposite.

There are a number of other memes that got popular for this same dialogue and each one of them are hilarious because of the situation that is being indicated. So, if you come across one of these, do pass along to the ones you know.

The 20+ Best ‘Those Are Rookie Numbers’ Memes

Instagram Addiction

65,000 Texts

Pshh those are rookie numbers.. from BPDmemes

On Redditor empathized, somewhat, saying that she used to text too much until a guy she especially liked told her that it was irritating. Now she has resolute rules on how long to wait between text messages and how many she can send in a row before they respond.

13 Reasons Why Meme

OJ Simpson vs Hilary Clinton

Breaking Bad Meme

Family vs Memes

2nd Amendment Meme

Beer Consumption

Xbox Addiction

3 Billion Hour Videogame Addiction

Watched Bee Movie 357 Times

NFL Trash Talkers



Elders Quorum President


Rookie numbers from Warhammer40k

When You Don’t Meet Your Ticket Quota (r/ProtectAndServe)

Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers from ProtectAndServe

An ‘Unusual’ Boy

Rookie numbers from Animemes


rookie numbers from trebuchetmemes

Summing Up

As you can see, this meme has a rich history- with memes, gifs, Vines, Tumblr posts, Reddit discussions all centering on adapting this Wolf Of Wallstreet ‘amateur hour’ scene to hilarious ends. If you ever feel the need to ‘pump those numbers up’, try employing this meme using a meme generator site- you might be surprised how potent this phrase and image is online.


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