The 22 Best Bone Hurting Juice Memes | Plus Meaning & Backstory

In this post, we dissect the Bone Hurting Juice (owww my bones hurt a lot oww oof my booones) meme and curate a list of the 22 best examples of its use.

You have surely seen one of the crazy memes where someone screams “Ow Oof My Bones”. But where did all this craziness start, and how has it stayed alive?


The Bone Hurting Juice Meme can be traced back to July of 2016. On July 8th, the creators at Fun Silly Drawings for Fun Silly People made something that created laughter around the world. They took the innocent Winnie the Pooh and his cohort Tigger, and started a viral craze on Facebook. Tigger walked in on Pooh eating what he thought was honey, only to be informed it was a jar of “Bone Hurting Juice” (Source).

bone hurting juice

Rise Of The Anti-Meme

You would have thought the single anti-meme comic strip would have faded away almost instantly, but instead, it started a craze. People started creating their own spin-offs using Bone Hurting Juice. By December, the 420Chan Imageboard was being overrun with people creating variations of the meme. Some of the new memes were just as innocent, but a few were alcohol induced visions of pain.

As the craze continued around the world, Anime lovers quickly picked up on the trend and started creating their variations. You would see cute Japanese school girls sipping a juice box and in the next frame having their face screwed up in agony as they realized they had just consumed a box of bone hurting juice.

Anime puppies were the next to go down in agony to the vicious juice craze, which of course makes sense, since all Anime creatures can talk.


The bodybuilding world latched onto the idea, too. Memes of muscled up men were seen drinking their favorite protein drink, only to discover it had been spiked with bone hurting juice, driving them to the ground scream “Ow Oof My Bones”.


Of course, lovers of adult beverages could not leave it alone. Suddenly bottles of vodka, whiskey and rum were being used as examples of bone hurting juice, which is almost accurate. What better way to describe a vicious hangover than declaring you were given a bottle of bone hurting juice the night before.

Almost any beer ad featuring someone enjoying their sophisticated beer was transformed into a bone hurting juice meme.

Vin Diesel

Even the movies were not safe from the craze. One evil bone hurting juice creator inflicted the pain on Vin Diesel. In one pane Vin is seen happily driving his car, and in the next his face is torn in agony from the wicked juice.

 What is the power behind these memes? They have twisted the meme world in an entirely new direction. Now people are taking images in series and trying to predict what the comics, or actors, may have said only by their facial expressions. Vloggers have taken the ideas and turned them into stunts.

This simple beginning has caused people to look at meme, or anit-meme, creation in a completely new way. Now instead of opening our Facebook feeds to see just one more meme, we can be delighted with new spins and twists on comics, all thanks to the infamous Bone Hurting Juice.

Let’s take a look at 22 of the best memes:

The 22 Best Bone Hurting Juice Memes

bone hurting juice meme
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Origin Story From r/OutOfTheLoop

What is the bone hurting juice and where did it originate from? from OutOfTheLoop

Prop Pickle Jar (r/BoneHurtingJuice)

Joke’s on her. It’s actually filled with bone hurting juice. from bonehurtingjuice

Deep Fried Meme

It’s not tea it’s bone hurting juice from bonehurtingjuice

Painapple (r/engrish)

Guess I found the bone hurting juice from engrish

A Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide to making Bone Hurting Juice from bonehurtingjuice

Blinded By The Light

I’ve been blinded by bone hurting juice from bonehurtingjuice

The Real Deal (Strontium-90)

Real bone hurting juice from bonehurtingjuice

Give A Dog A Bone

Give a dog a bone hurting juice from bonehurtingjuice

Game Speed (r/Stellaris)

New Beta removes the bone hurting juice from Stellaris

r/btd6 Panel Meme

Bone hurting juice. from btd6

Dank Meme

This is some bone hurting juice from dankmemes

BerkeleyMews Coffee

boy i do love my bone hurting juice from bonehurtingjuice

Spiderman Meme

Today in the menu is some bone hurting juice from dankmemes

Of Breath And Bone

Of Breath and Bone Hurting Juice from metalhurtingjuice

Grape Soda

Guild me please this is prime bone hurting juice oof ouch owie from bonehurtingjuice

r/FreePlatinum Options

Can I get platinum for some bone hurting juice from FreePlatinum

Neupogen (Filgrastim) / Bone Marrow Stimulant Meme (r/ChronicIllness)

So I’m *actually* prescribed bone hurting juice, great for mediocre memes, bad for my bones from ChronicIllness

r/antimeme Gold

Tried making a Bone Hurting Juice, got this instead from antimeme

City Of Austin Water

City of Austin water is now bone hurting juice from Austin

Ash Dragon

Ash Dragon’s minions diet’s consists solely of bone hurting juice from ffxiv

Unexpected Team Fortress 2 (r/UnexpectedTF2)

Found in Bone Hurting Juice from UnexpectedTF2

Like A Boss

Literal bone hurting juice from Animemes

Summing Up

This is definitely an interesting meme concept. As we have already noted, the out of the loop subreddit provides some detailed, user-generated analysis of its meaning. Apparently, there are even forums dedicated to the ironic and incorrect use of it, but still within the context of the image.

Some people still argue about its origins, with some saying that the Spider-Man one is the most popular, but it’s not the original. While others say that the Pooh Bear one is the oldest image using the term that anyone can find on the Internet.

Another Reddit user explained that it is a class of meme that originated as a response to different memes becoming mainstream and getting played out by the masses. Another register suggested that even some of the top, authentic, meme subreddits have become somewhat normalized and that many users have migrated to r/blackholememes.


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