The 13 Best You Know I Had To Do It To Em Memes | Plus Meaning & Backstory

You know we had to do it to 'em


The “you know i had to do it to em” is a viral meme inspired by the following Tweet:You know I had to do it to em meme

The baffling image is almost inexplicably humorous. Who is he doing “it” to? What is he actually doing, anyway? So many questions…

According to KnowYourMeme, on September 2nd, 2014, the Twitter user LuckyLuciano17k posted this photograph of himself posing on a suburban sidewalk with the caption “You know I had to do it to em“. This hilarious tweet labored in obscurity until July 1st, 2016, when a Twitter user called @ExhelonWinter remixed the photo with a funny caption that portrayed @LuckyLuciano17k as a true, backpacker hip hop fan (Source):

lucky luciano reaction meme tweet

The Literal Address?

The meme basically went viral from there, spawning a bunch of weird spinoffs as people enjoyed the somewhat ineffably humorous quality of the smug image and caption. Lucky Luciano ran into some legal trouble later on- but the image and resulting memes are timeless.

The Best “you know i had to do it to em” Memes

Lots of people posted up at the same sidewalk- not so funny, but definitely an interesting result of its virality:

Aside from people posting up at the locale or photoshopping themselves or other individuals into the photo, the phrase found other uses, as well:

Dank War Flashback Cat

My cat made this face. You know I had to do it to em from dankmemes

This cat has seen some war horrors…

Multiple Tabs

You know I had to do it to em from thanosdidnothingwrong

The multiple Safari tabs recreate the amazing meme with a Thanos head.


You know i had to do it to em from memes

A classic “no u” rejoinder from the police make this a savory meme.


You know I had to do it to em from ChapoTrapHouse

Not sure we understand this one- but you might!


You know I had to do it to em from shittydarksouls

A Dark Souls video game character strikes the pose.

Everglades vs Neverlaids

You know I had to do it to em from memes


A Bjork Meme Revival

You know I had to do it to em from bjork

Who doesn’t want more Bjork?

Mortal Kombat Meme

you know i had to do it to em from MortalKombat


FortNite Emote

Add a "You Know I Had To Do It To Em" emote from FortNiteBR

Pineapple Pose

A Greenish_Sapphire Portrait

With Gordon Ramsey

View this post on Instagram

#cursedmemes #hadtodoittoem

A post shared by Always June (@yung.eucalyptus) on

Cosplay Tomfoolery

Summing Up

More Background

It’s a pretty funny meme, overall. In September 2014 on Twitter, LuckyLuciano17k tweeted a picture of himself standing on the sidewalk with his fist in his hand and a smug look on his face. He captioned the tweet “You know i had to do it to em.” Soon after the post got lots of tweets and retweets but unfortunately LuckyLuciano17k privatized his Twitter.

Two years later, someone used Lucky’s picture as a meme. That was the beginning of the rise in popularity of Lucky’s image as a meme.

The image is used as a meme by photoshopping a popular person or character in a movie into Lucky. It is also very common in posts where his image is distorted. The image can also be photoshopped into famous places.

LuckyLuciano17k’s Arrest

According to him, Lucky was allegedly stalked, arrested and “tortured over BS” on July 2017. He was trying to raise money to recoup fees and in future sue the police (Source).


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