The 21 Best Yare Yare Daze JoJo Memes | Plus Meaning & Origin

In this post, we evaluated what Yare Yare Daze means- determining its origins and curating 21 of the best memes from Reddit.

Yare Yare Daze (やれやれだぜ) is the catchphrase of the anime character Jotaro Kujo from the famous Shonen Manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The expression is a Japanese phrase that denotes boredom or exasperation which actually translates as “Well Well”.

Due to this, official interpretations of the catchphrase vary with the most well-known ones being “Give me a !@$&*# break…” (Shonen Jump Advance), “What a Pain” (The official English dub of the 1993 and 2001 Stardust Crusaders OVA), and “Good Grief” (the streaming site Crunchyroll’s official subtitle for the 2014 animated adaptation) (Source).

yare yare daze meme
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More Origins

This anime meme has its roots in a 1989-1992 animated TV series known as the Stardust Crusaders which was the third arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Jotaro Kujo the third protagonist of the show was the first to word out Yare Yare Daze and it became his catchphrase. The show was later adapted by David Productions in 2014. This catchphrase made its first reappearance on TV in the second episode of the show.

The famous long established and running Shonen Manga series has caught a lot of attention since then for the Yare Yare Daze catchphrase. The Japanese phrase when translated to English roughly means “give me a break” or “what a pain” or “good grief!”

The JoJo Meme Timeline

For an even more detailed character backstory, check out the YouTube video from Kaleb I.A.

For those thinking how to use the meme, think of situations where you’re so tired and just sigh in complete resignation. Maybe it is because you have been trying to explain something to someone and they just don’t understand. Or, worse when something someone says just doesn’t make any sense, you say Yare Yare Daze. Best way to say “give me a break” without the other person knowing!

The 21 Best JoJo Yare Yare Daze Anime Memes

We collected a bunch of the most popular of the memes from Reddit. Some of them are funny, while others are too oblique for us to even understand. But, you be the judge- scroll through our selection below. Our readers generally have a better understanding of anime nuances than we do- so you can probably decode the humor more accurately:

Home Pizza

Ordinary Kujo

Playing Favorites

Looks Weird

Understanding The References

Yare Yare Daze from Animemes

Don’t Come To School Tomorrow

LIkE YaRE yARe DazE from Animemes

JoJo’s Bizarre Meme Page

Yare yare daze… (OC) from JojosBizarreMemePage

Come As Close As You Like

Yare yare daze.. from Brawlstars

Demon Rush: An Expected JoJo

Yare Yare Daze…. from UnexpectedJoJo

The Jotaro Theme

Yare yare daze from JojosBizarreMemePage

ShitPost Crusaders

Yare Yare Daze… from ShitPostCrusaders

Angry Christmas Elf

Yare yare daze from Animemes

Giorno Giovanna: You’re Damn Annoying!

Yare Yare Daze.. from ShitPostCrusaders


Yare yare daze from berserklejerk

Wait. That’s illegal.

Yare yare daze from JojosBizarreMemePage

When Pizza Arrives Cold

Yare yare daze from Animemes

Your Blood Is Red / You Are Now Blue

Yare Yare Daze… from Animemes

Pesci /Bucciarati

YARE YARE DAZE from JojosBizarreMemePage

It’s Been Eleven Seconds

DIO! It’s been eleven seconds. I guess that’s your limit. I stopped time at the 9 second mark. yare yare daze Now. It won’t take even a second to finish you off! from ShitPostCrusaders

Shaggy & Scooby

Yare yare daze from memes

Sitting vs Exercising vs Seeing A Jojo Reference

Yare yare daze from Animemes

Bam Bam

Yare yare daze…….. from ShitPostCrusaders

In the current times, memes have become a great way of representing emotions, feelings, states of mind and a lot more. While friends spam each others’ social media pages with tags on memes from all across the world, there are things that usually don’t get represented properly in memes, for instance, exasperation.

Have you ever been a situation when the person next you has been a pain or has said something that makes you roll your eyes in exasperation? Well then, the Yare Yare Daze meme is the perfect representation for your situation.

For those who are updated on all the latest anime memes and have dug up source information and the origins of each and every meme, they might very well know what this anime meme is all about.

Here are some fun facts about the Yare Yare Daze Anime meme:

If you use 4chan (image board website) and type the words “yare yare daze” in the website’s search bar, you’ll find over 800+ results and memes that are beyond just funny and relatable. The meme is usually used to express boredom, annoyance, ill humour, irritation etc.

Urban Dictionary user going by the character Jotaro Kujo submitted the meaning of the catch phrase “yare yare daze” and shortened the phrase to YYD. It soon became #YYD and was spread over the internet like wildfire in no time.

Since 2015, several YouTubers have uploaded clips of the character using the catchphrase in the animated series. YouTube user Jose Fino uploaded a compilation video of Jotaro Kujo using the phrase throughout the TV series. The video became massive at it gained 3 million views as of January 2019.


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