The 15 Best Weird Flex But OK Memes | Plus Meme Backstory

The weird flex but OK meme is also known as Odd Flex But OK, is a trendy expression employed to refute an explanation or boast that some would describe as more negative than positive, according to Know Your Meme.

According to the meme experts at Know Your Meme, the first recorded usage came from a Twitter user called @finnfeighery on December 31st, 2017. They were reacting to a tweet by the human rights activist Malala and used the now iconic phrase:

The Tweet That Started It All


This spawned a flurry of social media activity as people began experimenting with this meme. Below, we curated some of the best memes- check them out:

The 15 Best Weird Flex But OK Memes

A Preposterous Boast

weird flex, but ok from r/BlackPeopleTwitter

Increasingly Verbose

Weird flex, but OK from r/IncreasinglyVerbose

When They Don’t Text Back

weird flex but ok from r/funny

 Washing BMWs

Weird flex but ok from HaggardGarage

Margaret Thatcher?

weird flex but ok from COMPLETEANARCHY

Zoo Flex

Weird flex but ok. from WhitePeopleTwitter

Gaming Flex

Weird Flex But Ok from PrequelMemes

Pewdiepie Meme Review Flex

Weird flex but OK from PewdiepieSubmissions

Flexing Power Strip

Weird flex but ok from funny

The Flash

Weird flex but ok.. from FlashTV

Waitress Tip

weird flex but ok from Animemes

Simpsons Schoolteacher Flex

Weird flex but ok from dankmemes

College Parking Pass Flex

weird flex but ok from CalPolyPomona

Biblical Flex

Weird flex but ok from dankmemes

Video Game Culture

Weird Flex But OK from NobodyAsked

Meme Backstory

The ‘weird flex but okay’ memes started plastering social media after the phrase was used by a Twitter user in reference to a quoted tweet. Essentially ‘weird flex but okay’ is said in reference to a claim that would actually be viewed as a negative and not a positive. That’s why it’s a ‘weird flex.’

Kavanaugh Example

A person would be saying that’s a weird flex, but okay nonetheless. Another way to put it would be an ‘odd gloat’ or a ‘peculiar boast.’ Allow me to give you an example. Prior to Justice Kavanaugh being confirmed, he faced sexual assault allegations. The allegations and the aftermath of his confirmation are still debated and highly contested political and personal matters.

We’re not here to talk about that. What I do want to give you is an example of his weird flex. In a statement that became a meme, he said ‘I was a virgin in high school and many years after.’ Obviously, if it were the truth, there is nothing wrong with that. Yet in pop culture, that is viewed as a negative and made him look a little strange in the public eye.

It’s a great example of a statement to which someone could respond and say ‘weird flex but ok.’ The fact that ‘but okay’ ends the quick response also lines it up to refute the person’s claim. At the very least, the response in no way validates the claim, only pokes fun and leaves the door open.

I Declare Bankruptcy!

A softer example of this meme can be found in one that shows the lead character in the TV show office space saying ‘I declare bankruptcy’ as a positive. There is nothing immediately positive about announcing you’re declaring bankruptcy. Obviously, however, the lines can be blurred from time to time when it comes to what people might respond to with ‘weird flex but okay.’

Mfw I need to declare bankruptcy

There can be political divides, and everyone looks at matters differently. Therefore, you might see examples of this meme that don’t quite make sense to you. Granted, you don’t have to see things from the point of view of the poster to completely understand where he or she is coming from.

Yet sometimes the lines can still be blurred. Whether or not the memes make sense also has everything to do with a creator’s understanding of the catchphrase. Weird flex but okay became such a popular catchphrase that it has been widely used over the last year. Some memes have more taste than others, but like with all memes, they are meant to be funny.


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