You might have seen #flyheight hashtag when you were scrolling through Instagram or browsing Twitter.

After some Googling, we found that it refers to the FlyHeight website, “a leading online video website that brings you the latest and most entertaining viral contents from around the world.”

It’s positioned itself as a YouTube alternative, it seems, allowing video creators to monetize their often risque content.

If you search the hashtag out on Instagram, you’ll find a variety of edgy, raucous imagery and videos.

It resembles a mashup of LiveLeak and World Star Hip Hop style content.

Here’s a milder example of one of the more popular Instagram posts:

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GOT EEM!🤣 #Flyheight

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In it, the driver is waiting for his friend to return to the car with some food. The friend enters the vehicle, displays the styrofoam takeout to the driver, and when he lifts the lid off, he’s giving him the middle finger through a hole in the bottom of the takeout.

If you search out the hashtag on different platforms, a lot of the content is pretty offensive but could be amusing for some.

There’s definitely a market for YouTube alternatives- if you’ve been following the platform for any length of time, you’re probably aware that Publishers often run into difficulty monetizing their content.

So there’s assuredly an opportunity for other video-hosting platforms to get into the mix and offer Publishers and ordinary consumers a different take on the YouTube model.

The Collect Me Now YouTube channel offers a pretty good rundown of some of the more popular video sites that can serve as a YouTube alternative.

Top 10 Best Alternatives videos sites To YouTube

In the video’s description, he writes that many people are shying away from YouTube because of its intrusive data collection policies.

The channel lists out these alternatives- check them out if you’re looking for a different video-sharing platform to experiment with:

7. revver


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