The 10 Best TypeRacer Competitions | Typing Speed Game Showdowns

In our ongoing pursuit of examining hashtag and YouTube culture, we recently stumbled across the phenomenon of “type racing“. We initially discovered it trending on Instagram, with the #typeracer hashtag:

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It’s basically competitive typing.

One of the biggest players in this weird, but insanely fun, space, is the TypeRacer website. According to their About page, “The award-winning online typing competition, TypeRacer, allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the first multiplayer typing game on the web.”

TypeRacer Hall Of Fame Scores

As of January 2019, these are the Hall Of Fame Rankings:

RankUserPointsAverage Speed# of Races
1weightlessness (wordracer888)11546826121 wpm216978
2michael (deroche1)8650915138 wpm280067
3Shoemaker-Levy 9 (atthetop)6148395121 wpm91350
4(̶◉͛‿◉̶) (mark40511)4978783103 wpm181075
5mthd. (pjayys)4858461101 wpm55583
6Keegan ❄️ Tournay (keegant)4750589121 wpm51723
7wrmup (bblaise)4672776138 wpm65946
8mihCmihC ChimChimChim (chimchimchim)4491740117 wpm154031
9Jesse Albert Garcia (jessegarcia)3947312124 wpm111938
10mako (mako640)3926936156 wpm48938
11⦗𝐄𝐂𝐎𝐋⦘ ⦓☾✹✯𝚅𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎✯. (viellain)3886820113 wpm48314
12Ronak (ronakkaria)374953688 wpm47059
13:^) (styrofoam)3696124120 wpm35553
14vinni (vinninq)3471239135 wpm39000 (shariqueahmer)3458848110 wpm62861
16ॐ ღ kelz ღ ॐ ♥ girls like me, do. (p0sh)3454627136 wpm34221
17Mr. lee's expository writing c. (kayak1)3382411112 wpm82958
18𝒸𝓇𝒾𝓀ℯ𝓎 ᵀ ᴱ ᴵ ᴸ ᴼ (teiloq)3334223104 wpm42831
19🌠Rubby🌠 (mikerubby)291800077 wpm47226
20oneguardsam (oneguardsam)283677477 wpm103050

As you can see, the top average speed is 156 WPM. It’s a good place to go for the unofficial fastest typer in the world.

Best Online Typing Speed Test Games

If you want to test your typing speed with a free online game Mavis Beacon-style, check out some of the most popular, free typing games online:

  1. TypeRacer

There are a bunch of diverse features- you can play with friends online, conduct a words per minute test on yourself, play against anonymous competitors, and just test yourself alone and record your stats to compare performance with other players around the world.

Best Type Racing Competitions

1. Reckful vs Tyler1 in TypeRacer

With over 5 million views as of this writing, this is one of the more popular competitions online. It pits two YouTube influencers against each other. It’s a pretty hilarious competition between the two with one of the competitors smashing his keyboard in frustration:

2. A Viewer Challenges Reckful To Beat Him In Typeracer

Another entertaining video again comes from Reckful. He, and what looks like his girlfriend, are playing Zelda when he gets challenged to a TypeRacer game. It’s another fun video. He plays a bunch of games with his subscribers, even losing to a guy from India that has over 25,000 played games on the TypeRacer website- insane!

3. The 2010 Typing Championship

This one isn’t a matchup- instead, it shows how Sean Wrona won the 2010 Das Keyboard Ultimate Typing Championship at SXSW in Austin facing off with Nate Bowen.

4. iGumDrop Hits 203 WPN On TypeRacer

The Malaysian influencer, iGumDrop, who describes herself on Twitter as a “twitch streamer/comp sci student • anime is life •” showed off some dazzling typing speed all the while dressed up in a shark costume. She displays a predatory focus and razor-sharp typing skills that blew the internet’s socks off:

5. Reckful Beats Mitch Jones In Typeracer With Just 2 Fingers

Reckful was at it again. This time beating a competitor using just two fingers. It’s another dominant display for the YouTuber with the furious fingers.

6. 4 Back-to-back 200 Word Per Minute Races

Another YouTuber, Kathy Chiang, posted a dazzling video of her typing speed, registering 4 straight 200+ WPM scores. It’s a dominant display and people in the comments section wonder why she isn’t more known or popular in this niche community. One person begged her to race Sean Wrona, a YouTuber who’s competed in the Ultimate Typing Championships. I want to see the match

7. Sean Wrona Type Racing

One of Sean Wrona’s top typing videos is the one below. He uses TypeRacer and He makes sure to show the clock in his video to verify to his viewers that he’s not cheating somehow.

8. 300+ WPM? Woah…

The Henry Zhou YouTuber posted a video of him breaking the legendary 300 WPM barrier. There’s some debate about whether it’s real or not, but the YouTuber says that you can watch him on Twitch where he’s pursuing 400 WPM.

9. Type God vs. LilyPichu

In this protracted competition the two face off with frequently hilarious results and interchanges:

10. Typeracer – Reckful Loses It

In this video, Reckful gets a bit obsessed with his typing. Hilarity ensues:

The Weird World Of Typing Competitions

Do you think you have the fastest fingers around? Can you type a response on Facebook in a flash and have it posted before everyone else can even read the original post? Maybe you are ready to enter a typing competition.

What is a typing competition?

It is just what it sounds like. You compete to see who has the fastest fingers, but that is not all there is to it. Many people can type at a blazing 100+ words per minute until they need to make sure all the spelling is perfect. Then it can drop down to a more mundane 50 words per minute or less.

Typing competitions require you to be fast and accurate. Your flying fingers can land you in trouble if you are leaving a trail of misspelled words and missing punctuation in your wake.


There are a couple of people who have shown how to hack TypeRacergame and produce insane WPM scores that no human could ever achieve.

Another Python bot auto-plays the game- but commenters weren’t impressed by the speed:

HackerNoon also produced a long blog post describing how to cheat at the game using the Chrome Inspector tool and jquery.

Why would you enter a competition?

There are several reasons to compete.

First, you can have fun competing against others. You might go down in flames as the slowest in the competition, but you can still have fun. Expect to get a lot of jokes about your quality and speed if you fail.

Second, it is great practice to improve your typing ability. How often do you really push yourself to improve? Think how much better you could become as a writer, and typist if you focused on eliminating errors and making your fingers fly as fast as your mind. Competition gives you the motivation to improve.

Third, some competitions actually give out prizes. You can find typing competitions that pay in cash, give out gifts and gift cards.

Fourth, it could help you get a better job. If your typing improves, you could become a valuable asset to data entry firms, offices and as a writer.

How fast does a fast typist type?

The average typist can do around 40 words per minute, so start by making sure you are faster than that.

The fastest typist on record hit 212 words per minute but was not using a standard QWERTY keyboard. She typed on a Dvorak keyboard which is optimized for speed.

Where can I find typing competitions?

They used to happen in schools, but now most competitions have moved online. If you do a quick search you can find competitions going on regularly.

Are there other types of typing competitions?

There are some very fun games online that are a constant typing competition. You immerse yourself in a multi-player game where your car drives as fast as you can accurately type. Once again, you must learn to type fast and with precision to win, but isn’t that the goal anyway?

Typing Hashtags

If you play a typing game online and you intend to post your scores to social media- try using some of these powerful hashtags to get extra visibility:

  • #typingskills
  • #typing
  • #touchtyping
  • #10fastfingers
  • #typingofthedead
  • #keyrollovers
  • #NitroType

How can I practice?

You can find many online sites that allow you to practice your typing and track your speed and accuracy. Many of these sites are free. Some sites provide upgrades which step you through typing training to help you improve your methods, speed and accuracy.

Typing competitions can be a lot of fun, but are an even better way to help you improve your skills. Imagine how much more confident you will be sitting behind a keyboard when you know your fingers can type fast and accurately.


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