On Instagram, the #giantess returns some pretty interesting imagery.

According to Mariam-Webster, “giantess” is the female version of “giant”.

There are very few cultures that do not have a legend or a religious belief that does not feature the appearance of a giantess. These mythical beings were of enormous size and boasted superhuman strength. However, modern times have seen examples of women who because of their stature could be classified as giantesses.

Below, we’ve curated some of the most popular giantess Instagram images on the internet. Check them out below!

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The Best Giantesses On Instagram

One of the most popular Instagram giantesses is below:

The nsfwfetish account showcased this long-legged “giantess” who looks like she’s at a model shoot:

Another post showcases the longest legs in America:

The thatgirlgolden account is another popular giantess result:

According to her Instagram profile, she’s a “S.D. Model/Dancer” and a “Quirky firecracker with a free spirit & wild hair”.

Shifting off of Instagram, there’s a great YouTube video showcasing some of the tallest giant women in the world:

Another popular Instagrammer called infinite.liza posted the image below with the following caption: “Goddess @miakhalifa above tokyo. First giantess request. #giantess #megagiantess #macrophilia #miakhalifa #giantessfetish”

If you click through to her profile, she writes that she’s a “mega giantess who loves stomping on cities and crush tiny bugs.”

Another popular post is of a bikini-clad woman stomping through a coastal city:

This post comes from giantesslover92, who writes “@kayleighmariemorrisx 😍 #giantess #giantesscommunity #giantessfetish #gorgeous #crush #beach #bikini #kayleighmorris #hot #buildings #tinypeople”

It’s a fun image that showcases the mythological might of a giant woman.

Another, more seductive approach showcases a woman lying across what looks like Paris:

This image comes from queenzilla_macy, who writes that “I’m the new tourist attraction here! Also the new ruler of this world!! Don’t forget that part 😏 Also I want to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope 2019 is a great year for everybody! Also, also, happy 50th post!!! ❤️ #giantess #giantgirl #macrophilia #goddess #giantessfeet #giantesscrush #giantesscommunity”

An anime-inspired video also makes the list. It showcases a giant anime character wreaking havoc across time and space:

The maroestoes account showcases a post of a woman displaying her foot in way that makes her seem like a giant. Definitely a different take compared with many of the Photo-shopped pictures we’ve profiled:

This Los-Angeles based actress writes, “I’m ready to stomp on this day and make it my bitch! 👣”

Another Instagrammer, bigactresses, posted this picture of a woman in pink exercise tights about to take a step over some housing tenements:

On the account profile, it’s described with this slogan: “Shoutout becoming a giant girl”.

The astrodomina Instagram account (here’s her Twitter account) seems particularly popular:

In this post, we can clearly see that it’s a Photoshop by the tiny man dangling from her toe (duh!).

It’s a pretty arresting image- if you’re scrolling through Instagram, the jarring perspective will probably capture your attention.

The Giantess In Myth, Legend And Reality

One example of a real, as opposed to supernatural, giant was Jane “Jinny” Bunford who was born in 1865. While a normal child, she suffered a biking accident fracturing her skull. It is theorized that this caused damage to her pituitary gland and her abnormal growth began. At the time of her death, although she by this time suffered from extreme curvature of the spine she was measured as 7 foot 7 inches tall. The tallest person in British medical history – a true giantess.

But even Jane Bunford was outstripped by the tallest woman in medical history. Zeng Jinlian who was born in 1964 and died in 1982 was 8 foot 1.75 inches in height – a giantess if ever there was one.

However, when we look into myth and legends we find that the giantess features in many cultures across the globe.

For instance, in Norse mythology there are a number of giantesses who played pivotal roles in the lives of both Norse Gods and the people themselves.

For instance Thor, the Thunder God owed his life to Grid, a giantess who became aware of Loki’s plan to have Thor murdered by the giant Geirrod. She approached Thor with magical items that would save his life. these items included the Girdle of Might. magical iron gloves and a wand of power. Another giantess famed in Norse mythology was Gerd who caught the eye of Freyr, the Norse God of virility and prosperity due to her great beauty. He began to woo her, presenting her with among other things 11 golden apples. However, she refused his advances. It was only after one of Freyr’s representatives threatened to use Freyr’s magical sword to cover the earth in ice that she relented.

Norse mythology is particularly rich in stories of giantesses – the above are only a few of those who play a prominent part of the lives of the Gods and Goddesses that feature so prominently in the richness of the Norse oral tradition.

Celtic mythology, including that or Ireland, Wales and Scotland is particularly rich in descriptions of both the beauty and kindness of numerous giantesses. Slightly more modern tales have the giantesses resembling descriptions of Vikings. One of the more notable giantesses of Celtic mythology is Bébinn who was described as having an aristocratic bearing and possessing great beauty.

There are of course other cultures where giantesses feature predominantly. Of these is in Indian mythology. One of the most prominent of these is the demoness Putana. She attempts to end the life of the baby Krishna by feeding him with poisoned milk from her own breasts.

There are also many representations of giantesses in more modern literature where the giantesses has been portrayed as a potent symbol of eroticism, for example by Charles Baudelaire in his poetry. On the other end of the scale is Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. In one part of the series the hero admits his absolute revulsion in seeing the female form so enlarged. Even more modern depictions in graphic novels and on-screen continue to demonstrate that mankind fascination with the idea of the giantess have not nearly run their course.

Even in prehistory, there are depictions of what seem to be Mother Goddesses that far outstrip the dimensions of the normal human female form. It is to be anticipated that our fascination with these beings will continue into the future.


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