The 15 Best Speed Painting Examples On Social | #speedpaint

We profiled 15 of the best speed painting examples we’ve seen on social. Check out these gorgeous #speedpaintings below!

Mixed media artists are embracing several techniques to deliver paintings.

Among the different techniques, speed painting is gaining popularity. Digital, as well as traditional, artists use this technique to help them practice on speed and accuracy.

Beginners may not provide similar results as professionals. The entire process counts if a painting should fall under the term speed painting. Below is a better understanding of speed painting, its history, as well as its basics.

Below, we curated some of the best speed painting examples from social media- Instagram, specifically. Check out some of these gorgeous artistic speed runs:

Speed Painting On Social

Anderson Cooper Speed Painting

The master speed-painter D. Westry appeared on the Anderson Cooper television show on the viewers Got Talent portion and showed off some pretty insane skills. There is a big surprise at the end – it’s one of those speed drawings where there’s a big reveal that shocks everyone.

Purple Night Sky

Another YouTuber (demasiadomar) shows off their night sky rendition created using Watercolor & Gouache. It depicts a magnificent, starry evening in the forest with a purple effulgence covering a orange sunset.

Scarlett Johansson

If you’re a fan of celebrities, this speed painting portrait of Scarlett Johansson by PortraitPainter Pabst using a dry brush technique is definitely for you. If you watch carefully you’ll be able to pick up some pointers about drawing realistic representations of famous people’s faces. The initial sketch work really demonstrates how much effort goes into technical foundations. The artist raises Scarlett Johansson for her natural beauty, saying that he shows it specifically because of its aesthetic facial features.

A Mule Deer

For the Outdoorsman and outdoorswomen amongst us, this next acrylic landscape speed painting depicts a mule deer at Sunset. It is lying down behind some rocks overlooking a beautifully rendered forest with a hazy sky. It’s the sort of painting that would look at home in a hunting lodge hanging on the wall. The artist, Chuck Black Art, Calls it a wildlife speed painting and if you read the YouTube description for this video he actually provides a link where you can win a free art print.

Mystical Digital Priestess

If you prefer something a bit more mystical and science fiction-y, the TamplierPainter YouTube channel shows off a white Priestess speed painting. This actually took the artist 6 hours to do and it is a digital portrait of what looks like a mystical character from a Lord of the Rings movie adaptation.

America’s Got Talent Speed Painting

No list would be complete if we didn’t include a popular America’s Got Talent speed painting. It’s another one of those paintings were the artist flips the canvas at the end and the entire audience is stunned by the sudden appearance of an entirely different drawing.

iPad Potion Vial

The Kunchevsky Instagram account Posted a speed painting video of a potion of power illustration. It’s actually created using the ProCreate iPad Pro app. You can see the artist skillfully constructing with their left hand an illustration of a potion bottle.

Blue Water Rowboat

Another popular Instagram post comes from kokurie who depicted a top down view of a rowboat traversing Blue Waters. This is not a digital rendition like the last one and instead uses what looks like markers- and according to the comments is probably a “gelly pen”:

Comic Book Character

The oldrgr Instagrammer used a pen to do a speedy depiction of a tough-looking criminal character for a comic book story. The included a bunch of hashtags to help the post get visibility: #speedpainting #oldrgr #livepainting #sketchbook #fantasyart #inkonpaper #お絵かき #スケッチ #sketchworks #topcreator #gelpen #art #timelapseart #timelapse #sketch_daily #timelapser #cultofthepencil #fastdraw #linework #artwork #artsy #sketchgram #artsharing #sketchbookpro #mystaedtler #sketchart #wip #vid

Science Fiction

A really gorgeous illustration came from a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based artist called laurenwalshart. It is sort of a science fiction illustration of a woman with green hair surrounded by red flowers with a pair of gigantic moth butterflies on her arms.

Coffee Maker Digital Art

The kunchevsky Instagram account posted a Video working on an iPad Pro – he ends up drawing a coffee making machine. The coffee cup is highlighted in pink and he added in some fun reflection elements as well. It really helps to do the speed drawing or speed painting in a digital app because it looks like as you paint you can get the opposite side of the canvas symmetrically filled so everything looks perfectly even and parallel.

Sleeping Faces

The noonday_sun Instagrammer posted this speed drawing of a “sleeping ChimChim”. We don’t know who that is, but the artist says that it took about 19 hours to complete. He actually suggests that you head over to you his YouTube channel and he lists that all the materials he used to create this stunning image of a sleeping Asian face. If you dive into the comment section, you can see that he says that he actually uses grids which helps perfect the piece.

Digital Shading

This digital speed drawing, this netherlands-based artist creates a looking girl wearing a tangerine clean stocking cap with the words “Aliganai” on them. She really concentrate on getting the shading right, especially on the eyelashes and eyebrows. It strikes us that it’s much easier to do this type of artwork digitally because you can recover from mistakes much more easily than if you were using paint or a marker. She says that this particular drawing is made with a iPad Pro 12.9 inch and an apple pencil on the Procreate App

View this post on Instagram

What is the best thing about being an artist? ✨ . Now for a change a little bit more optimistic question hahah🎉 For me just making art, being able to be creative and basically having that passion and joy in my life 😁 . This drawing is made with a iPad Pro 12.9 inch from 2017 and an apple pencil on Procreate App 💯 . 🌸BRUSHES🌸 Sketch and lineart: "Sketchy Brush Set" ✏️ Coloring and makeup: "Cartoon-ish Make Up Brush Set" 🎀 Eyebrows: "Perfect Eyebrows Brush Set" ✨ Eyelashes: "Perfect Eyelashes Brush Set" 💎 . You can find my brush sets on my website (link in my bio) 🍀 . A full and more detailed version of this video is available on my IGTV channel💯 . #drawingvideo #artvideo #artprocess #drawing #digitalart #procreate #ipadproart #ipadpro #procreateart #procreateapp #digitalpainting #arttutorial #arttips #wip #digitalsketch #digitalpaint #speedpainting #alicjanai

A post shared by Alicja Nai (@alicjanai) on

Dog Sketch

The crystalnicoleart Instagram account Show it all off a speed run painting a dog’s head. That’s a very beginning you can see the pencil sketch that eventually is flushed out with paint to become a charismatic depiction of a small breed dog. This particular speed-painting really highlights the creative process, showing how the artist was able to achieve a variety of different effects like three-dimensional depth. It’s one of the more educational videos that we’ve seen. Instagram is a bit difficult that way because they prevent you from uploading long videos to the site.

Do used a variety of interesting hashtags to help get visibility to their sketch – try using them next time you do a speed painting and see if they help you get more views and who likes on your content:

#speedpainting #art #drawing #artist #painting #speedpaint #digitalart #illustration #sketch #digitalpainting #instaart #artwork #photoshop #conceptart #procreate #draw #paint #dailyart #doodle #instaartist #illustrator #characterdesign #speeddrawing #artistsoninstagram #digitalartist #creative #portrait #digital #artstation #bhfyp

Fast Flower Drawings

The water11colors Instagram account Did a super fast video depicting the paint illustration of different flowers using striking blue, green And pink colors. It appears that they are drawing in a dedicated Sketchbook. Interesting Lee, the Instagram user directs their fans to a Shutterstock Link in their biography – we’re not sure if their an affiliate or Shutterstock or weather they sell some of their art on the Shutterstock platform

Hashtag Data

According to our research, these are the most popular hashtags to use if you’re showing off art on Instagram: #painting #paint #watercolor #contemporaryart #instaart #sketch #draw #artoftheday #acrylic #fineart #oilpainting #arte #painter #abstract #modernart #artgallery #abstractart #sketchbook #artsy #artistic #gallery #canvas #instaartist #paintings #watercolour #creative #pencil #drawings #color #arts_help

So consider using those if you’re trying to get your art more visibility online!

Speed Painting Definition

Speed painting is a painting technique, which allows the painter a given time to complete the task. The time will vary depending on the painting required. However, it will take a few minutes to a few hours to complete the painting. This is unlike the traditional paintings that can take up to days to complete.

One may argue that the definition is similar to that of a sketch. While the time aspect is similar, the paintings will turn out different. A sketch is an incomplete drawing whereas speed painting leaves a complete painting. As much as this technique does not produce perfect end-products, you cannot straighten out every detail. This is not to say that your painting should look crappy. Once the time lapses, you should have incorporated all the necessary details though it may not be to perfection considering the time limitation.

How to Start Speedpainting


Denny Dent is seen as the pioneer of speed painting in the year 1981 after giving a live performance in the United States. However, this piece did not stir up people despite having a positive result. Over the years, few painters used this technique, but they did not make it public for many to view their content.
The first speed-painting product that gained popularity and enhanced the aspect of speed painting was released in the year 2007. This was a digital painting of the Radiohead singer Thom Yorke. Considering that he was a popular figure, people were able to relate to what was going on. The painter, Nico Di Mattia, released the video of the entire painting process on YouTube.

Just a few weeks later, another video was released. This time, the painting was recreating the spider-man drawing. This painting has more than 23 million views making it the most popular speed painting video. Capturing the attention of many, the painting technique also started trending amongst painter and other digital media artists. Other artists began to release their own videos proving that the art is real and that more people should embrace the technique. Millions of people currently enjoy watching the methods of speed painting.

Speed Painting Basics

Looking at the history of this type of painting, it is not a new concept through it started to gain popularity much later. Currently, many are employing the use of photo and image editing tools online to provide an outstanding final painting. Even armatures are using these tools to edit already existing painting or images with the aim of perfecting the images and paintings or eliminating possible errors.

The painting process is recorded be it by a camera or by software and then it is converted into a time-lapse video. The idea is to shorten the time such that many would think is not possible. For example, a painting that would normally take about two hours can be limited to a time lapse of about 10 minutes. Keep in mind that you are not looking to start a painting and leave it incomplete. One must complete the entire painting on the time provided.

With this concept in mind, you can recreate your painting digitally or in the traditional way. Traditionally, all you need is a canvas, paint, and brushes. Digitally, you can use tools and apps such as Photoshop to deliver the same effect. The difference between digital and traditional techniques is that the traditional method offers a real end result with impressive results.

When using traditional techniques, you will not only need the basic tools but also other utensils to ease the process so that you can accommodate the speed. On the other hand, those using the digital graphics software, they will also incorporate a graphics tablet. The other media that both painters must include is equipment that will record the entire process. No one will accept that a painter was able to work on a speed painting if he or she did not witness the painter at work. After all, anyone can come up with a painting and claim to be the speed painter.

Speed painting no doubt requires a talented artist. Someone that is good at what they do. However, you can learn the basics of the entire process and with time, perfect the technique. Other than talent, you need to have the right equipment for each task. Different paintings will require different brushes and other equipment to deliver the expected outcome. Another common aspect is the inclusion of music. The music is specifically picked to play in unison to bring out the best of the piece.

Summing Up

Speed painting is not only captivating, but it also incorporates the aspect of suspense. This makes it interesting to watch as the painter is tested by time. When the final product is complete, many are amazed that despite the time limit that the painter was able to recreate a similar painting with so much resemblance. Though this painting technique has been in existence for several decades, it has been accepted recently.

However, over a short period, it has gone viral with the general acceptance of the technique. More artists are embracing the technique and with time, they are turning the art into something outstanding as opposed to the traditional methods of painting. In no time, you will be able to recreate a memory or recreate something special that is unique to that moment.

It is not about perfection but about living the moment as of that time. In such instances, you can be sure that every painting remains unique. This is because the paintings may resemble each other but they will never turn out exactly the same.


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