The 12+ Best Slime ASMR Videos Online | #asmrslime

Slime ASMR is...strangely addictive

If you’re addicted to Slime ASMR videos…you’re not alone. Personally, we never even knew that ASMR Slime was a thing until we saw the #ASMRSlime hashtag trending on Instagram. Then we took notice. We compiled a bunch of YouTube and Instagram ASMR slime videos below- some of them are extra-long compilation videos. So strap on your headphones and zone out to some slimy, mesmerizing ASMR.

Best ASMR Slime Videos

The Most Satisfying Slime ASMR Video Compilation

If you want some quick-hitting slime sound action that tickles your autonomous sensory Meridian response, check out this compilation video from the Best Satisfying YouTube channel. There’s a bunch of different slimes in the video lifted from a variety of sources – some inside of Tupperware, some that are just big green amorphous blobs, Some that look like cake batter and others that looked like something from an alien starship:

Slime ASMR – Most Satisfying Slime Video – Crunchy Slime, Iceberg Slime, Jiggly Slime, Rainbow Slime

The St4M YouTube channel produce a nearly 12-hour long compilation video highlighting a ton of weird and different slime ASMR sound effects. It starts off with something that looks like green licorice inside of a silver bowl And transitions too sticky, translucent slime and round blue Play-Doh creations. Some of it looks like cake batter that is being endlessly folded creating a weird Visual and auditory effect.

Some of the video Snippets even show how this line is created – with TheSlimeHive at the 4:06 mark showcasing ingredients like Fun Dip Wonderous Watermelon Dip and other weird ingredients.

Spanish Slime? (Vídeos de Slime Satisfatório & Relaxante (Slime ASMR))

Another slime compilation video comes from a Spanish-language YouTube channel called Videos de Slime with over 27,000 views, as of this writing. The thumbnail shows off a slime beach ball looking object getting punctured with scissors and on the other half a hand sitting in what looks like a red caviar dish of slime.

At the 1:05 mark One of the videos shows a clear Bowl with an almost mildew green tapioca Custard with a hard surface shell studded with lingonberries. The YouTuber pushes through the hard surface shell to the sticky sounding pistachio goo beneath it.

Satisfying Slime ASMR Video That Relaxes

The VinesFromDR YouTube channel Produce and insanely popular ASMR slime video. The thumbnail itself is clickbait Worthy. On it, you can see a plastic Tupperware filled with a rainbow slime that is being pulled out creating hey gorgeous stretch mark.

On the other half, it sort of looks like a sticky green marshmallow sponge being slowly pulled apart by a pair of hands. The video starts with some blue stretchy caviar getting removed from a tupperware jar, kneaded and massaged between a pair of hands. There’s even a gothic-looking bulge of slime from a creator called Qweenslime- it’s pitch black charcoal and almost ominous looking.

New Oddly Satisfying Compilation 2019

The best satisfying YouTube channel produced another hit – if you look at the video thumbnail, the image on the left looks like it’s extraterrestrial. It resembles a flying saucer of midnight blue slime.

On the other half of the video, there’s an orb Galaxy looking wedge of slime with scissors pressing into its surface. The video starts off with silver beaded, exotic blue slime getting a massage before transitioning to a plateful of gold slime getting torqued, pulled and stretched. Some of the creators even use wire mesh to dip into the Slime before pulling it off creating a weird ASMR effect as well as a gorgeous visual.

Relaxing Pressing Slime ASMR! Most Satisfying Slime Video

This video from HERO Slime is a little bit different, it highlights a sub niche of slime content, specifically pressing slime ASMR. And one of these short clips from this compilation a user is on a marble top surface with some clear slime that they’re pressing with what looks like a miniature plastic tennis racket. Another uses a wireframe device to dip into a gold puddle of slime before settling it back down filled with air bubbles.

The visual effect is pretty hypnotic as users find all manner of devices to plunge into the soft, malleable surfaces of the Slime. Sometimes it’s sticky, sometimes it prepper eights with a consistency similar to clay.

Glossy Slime Compilation

Yet another interesting Niche comes from the crybaby YouTube account – it showcases glossy slime. This type of slime has a glossy, metallic sheen to it hyphen and if you watch the videos You’ll see people plunging their fingers into these colorful mixtures creating strange ASMR sound effects and captivating visuals.

Some of the videos look like a person attacking a marshmallow anime character – stretching it out, squeezing it and basically treating it like raw bread dough.

Slime ASMR For Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, this YouTube video published by the ReSHka 94 YouTuber Is designed to help you. One of the videos showcases a tangerine sponge getting dipped into a soapy bath repeatedly and squeezed.

While another showcases a block of green zinc looking slime getting sliced with a knife. Another shows off some blue slime in a clear, flexible tub get cold and squeezed. Some people might find the sounds relaxing enough to help then fall asleep.

Food Slime ASMR Compilation

Another interesting niche is the food slime category – creators make slime that resembles food and mimic eating it and spooning it out. One of the best ones we saw was a Tapioca cup, sort of similar to a layered tiramisu with different colored and textured slimes. Other videos include donut-shaped slime and slime that resembles cookies.

What Is Slime ASMR?

Do you wonder what slime ASMR is? If you love sitting down and watching slime videos online, then you might have a condition that is known as ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.

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This is typically a gentle tingling which starts around your scalp before spreading down to your arms and neck. Does any of this sound familiar? You might have noticed or just heard about many kids across the nation getting obsessed with slime in general.

Best ASMR Hashtags

If you’re trying to promote #asmr on YouTube, Twitter or Insagram, these are some of the best we’ve seen:

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Best Slime Hashtags

If you’re trying to promote #slime on YouTube, Twitter or Insagram, these are some of the best we’ve seen:

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Best Slime ASMR YouTube Channels

  1. The Best Satisfying
  2. らな Aesthetic Satisfaction なら
  3. crybaby
  4. Satisfying Slime ASMR
  5. Come And Play Slime With Me
  6. Beyond Ear
  7. St4M
  8. 10-Minutes Amazing Life
  9. The Best Satisfying
  10. HERO Slime
  11. Videos de Slime
  12. ReSHka 94
  13. Satisfying Compilations

Nickelodeon Origins?

The Nickelodeon Network might be who to thank for that, since they’ve been sliming kids and other people for decades. It’s definitely a huge fad right now with many online entrepreneurs selling slime, especially on Etsy. There’s also a lot of slime video content online, particularly on YouTube and Instagram, where people post videos where they massage themselves with various kinds of slime. Some of these videos get more than a hundred thousand videos in just one week.

It might seem at first that it’s crazy that you or anyone else would spend much time, if any, watching someone else play with slime that they bought or made themselves, and yet, these kinds of videos are extremely popular among a certain fanbase. One scientific hypothesis behind it is that these videos trigger ASMR.


This relaxing yet tingling sensation might start at the top of someone’s head but then moves down the back of their neck before possibly extending into the rest of their body. Triggers can include certain visuals, smells, and sounds. Slime ASMR videos trigger it for some, but not everyone, per the ASMR Lab. However, slime videos are far from the only trigger.

Scientific Backing

There’s not much scientific research behind this particular phenomenon. In fact, the very first scientific paper regarding it wasn’t even published until 2015. A study involved sending out a questionnaire to roughly 500 people that were followers of ASMR groups on Reddit and Facebook, asking them about their individual ASMR habits, trying to find out why each person engaged in such activities. The results were published in PeerJ, an open-access journal.

The three primary reasons given for watching or participating in the making of such videos included relaxation, coping with stress, and getting to sleep. It should be noted that some respondents listed sexual inspiration behind their activities, but this was only 5 percent, so if you still think slime is gross, you’re probably in the safe majority, and yet, some people seem to like using it directly, and many more find it soothing to watch.

One doctor working at a center for sleep medicine and neurology says that the condition of ASMR is very closely related to what people might experience with white noise. Millions of people use white noise from various sources to help themselves either get to or stay at sleep at night. A lot of others just find white noise to be soothing and relaxing.

The slime videos help because they rarely have any surprises in them, helping people move into a trance or zen-like status of mind (Source). Many in the medical community seem to think that ASMR requires an emotional component to be triggered, often with memories of being a child or remembering your mother. That might explain the popularity of another category of video where attractive women whispering things, as it might remind them of their mother helping them get to sleep as a child.

That might be the magic behind slime videos. Many people remember playing with Play-Doh as a child, as the tangible sensation is physically unlike many others. It was also used in playtime, which were spaces where children felt safe, free, and creative, all at the same time. Childhood memories often tend to prove intense, and even simplified over time, giving them a somewhat magical vibe, harking back to a time when life was simpler and people were nurtured.

Different For Everyone

Because slime ASMR videos might trigger childhood sensations and memories in people, it varies from one person to the next because perception is everything. The physical act of touching slime or Play-Doh might be the same for every individual body, but it’s an experience that’s different for every person. Some people who wonder what slime ASMR is are curious because they’ve found themselves using such videos to help them go to sleep. Doctors say there’s nothing wrong with this, since it really doesn’t hurt anyone. However, if you find yourself unable to get sleep at all without them, you should find other relaxation techniques to branch out into.

Thinking of going to the salon and having someone brush your hair is closely related. Do you ever get drowsy in the stylist chair? Of course you do. They’re creating that tingling in your scalp and relaxing you.


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