9 Skinwalker Stories That Terrified Us [Scary!]


We’ve collected a range of bizarre and frightening skinwalker stories from around the internet. Scroll through the list and read about these terrifying encounters with these tall, shape-shifting creatures.

What Are They?

In Navajo culture, a skin-walker is a type of harmful witch who has the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal (Source).

Caught On Camera: What They Look Like

An Artist’s Rendition

Here’s a cool, creative depiction of what one looks like- keep this in mind as you read the stories below!

Skinwalker from creepy

Terrifying Skinwalker Stories

9Smiling Skinwalker

Smiling Skinwalker from nosleep


Over in the No Sleep subreddit, a user came up with this captivating and horrifying short story about skinwalkers. It starts off with him explaining how scared he is to tell the story because what occurred to him caused him to doubt his faith, his own eyes and even his sanity. The story occurs and Arizona after he had moved from Oklahoma. He describes himself as a devout Christian and skeptical of the supernatural. Things get really creepy when he is out in nature at the perimeter of his camp and sees a tall shadowy figure lurking behind some tall trees. Read the story to see what happens. But apparently his encounter turned him into a panicked crazy person caked in dirt, sweat & tears.

8Greenbelt Hike

I encountered a skinwalker? from Paranormal


Here instead of a fictional short story, we have a post from the Paranormal subreddit about an encounter in the Greenbelt. Apparently, when this Redditor was younger they found some caves. They began exploring only to find some red eyes staring back at them from the dark interior of the recess.

7Indian Reservation

Saw another skinwalker story on here earlier. Here’s my experiences with them from Paranormal


In another paranormal post, we get a long story about skinwalkers on a Navajo Indian Reservation. At first, they thought what they saw was a deer, but it was standing up. Then they thought it was a bear, but it was way too skinny. It seemed to hide behind the trees and peek out at them. Was it a Bigfoot?

They listed out some other encounters that they had. Including one where some dogs that they had went psycho barking at something that was apparently in the alley behind the Redditor’s house.

In another weird altercation, he describes running through an alley, seeing an intoxicated Navajo or Hopi Indian who seemingly transforms into a coyote.

The last weird skinwalker story they shared describes a creepy night when he and his brother were driving out to visit his brother’s girlfriend in their family. On the way out they passed by an Indian guy hanging out on the side of the road.

That didn’t bother them too much, but after they were done visiting, on their drive back, they encountered the same guy standing on the side of the road. This was really weird to them. Apparently he hadn’t even moved the entire time.

As they drove past him, they heard a loud bang on the side of the truck. The Redditor says that when he turned around to look out the back window, the Indian was chasing them down.

They were driving at least 55 miles per hour and the Indian was running at an incredible speed. They gunned the engine and eventually lost him. The next day when they inspected the truck for damage, they found a handprint smeared along the side of the truck all the way back to the tail light.

6A Grandfather’s Tale

My Grandfather saw a Skinwalker from nosleep


Back in the No Sleep subreddit, a Redditor relayed a tail that his grandfather told him during a backyard campout. This story revolves around an Apache reservation. The grandfather provides a captivating description of skinwalkers, saying that they are shape-changers that used to be old warriors but have been resurrected as sinewy, skinless men that walk on deer legs and have the heads of a coyote. Even more terrifyingly, their teeth are like Bowie knives and they stand 7 ft tall, like a huge basketball player. They also have incredible invincibility, capable of surviving gunshots and knife attacks.

Amazingly they are also equipped with some voice-altering skills, enabling them to effectively mimic people that you know to trick you. Beyond that, they could also transform their skin. The grandfather tells a tale of driving in a car at 50 miles per hour in one of these terrifying beasts running alongside it looking inside with yellow eyes and grinning. It was all angry and hunched over and the grandfather’s father yelled at him not to look the beast in the eye before they escaped.

5Forest Hallucinations

My skinwalker encounter from skinwalkers


Here we had yet another family forest encounter. The Redditor says that he was with his brother and one of their old friends walking back through a forest to where they had come from.

He was walking a little bit ahead because the other two were annoying him. He began to hear things in the forest. The sound of snapping twigs and a low mumbling noise. He asked who was there I’m 30 seconds later I heard a voice and it just like his brother saying “come here I need your help”.He was a little bit skeptical because the voice sounded somewhat distorted in wrong to him.

He waited a little bit longer and then heard the same request. He adjusted his position of little, peering into the woods and then saw something that looked like a deer but that was standing up on its back legs rigidly.

The eyes look exactly the same that’s his own.

He was so terrified he took off at a sprint, running a mile back. He knew that it was running behind him as he escaped. When he got out of the forest he fell to his knees and looked behind him only to see it disappear behind the tree line. Ever since then his dreams have been haunted by it.

He told this to his father and his father was not surprised at all. Apparently his father at had a similar experience when he was younger. It seemed to him that when he looked at it he was looking at a version of himself but through a filter.

Very creepy.

Over in the comment section, somebody asked him to write about his father’s experience. Another Redditor asked where he is located in the original poster told him Scotland.

Someone responded and said that it’s definitely not a skinwalker because skinwalkers are Navajo shamans, instead they advised him to look into Gaelic and Scottish Legends and see what types of mythical shapeshifters occur in Scotland. They say that the Scottish, Celtic and Gaelic Legends are rife with stories of shapeshifters.

Another person said that it could be a Windigo, however this was disputed because according to them Windigos are prone to kill people on site and then eat them. As well, they say that Windigos resemble completely emaciated humans, according to all the folklore that he is red and not deer looking monsters.

This argument began to get very technical, so they linked to a supernatural Cryptid chart That demonstrates the shape and appearance the variety of different supernatural creatures, beasts, and beings including the Chupacabra, the Main Rouge, Lizard Men, the Jersey Devil and more:

Cryptid Charts

4Throwing Rocks

I have a story that I cannot explain. Skinwalkers maybe? from skinwalkers


This creepy story occurs in Fort McDowell Arizona Around a campfire. The Redditor says that they were off-roading with their friends. Apparently, as they were minding their own business around the campfire, they began to hear really strange animal noises and all of a sudden they’re getting attacked by flying rocks.

The rock’s kept flying in until they were big enough to extinguish the fire, leaving them totally in the dark except for the moonlight. They panicked and ran away, forgetting the keys to their Jeep.

They called 911 all the while getting bombarded by these projectiles. He was really creeped out and turn to the skinwalker subreddit community for more insight about what happened to him and his friends. One Redditor says that he has heard that sasquatches and bigfoots like to throw rocks at people.

You never heard of a skinwalker doing something like that but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Another person wondered how big the Rocks were that were powerful enough to extinguish the campfire. The original poster said that they were roughly about the size of a softball.

Another seasoned Skinwalker expert explained that most experiences generally occur in the western states and in the south-west. He speculates that this would likely be a Sasquatch.

He says that he lives in Ohio and has experienced rock-throwing incidents as well. Another Redditor told a story about a skeptical non-believer in Northeast Wisconsin. He says that they were in a national forest fishing on the Northern end of a mid-sized Lake nearby his family’s campground.

He began to hear lots of noises behind him, sticks and trees breaking. And then all of a sudden a big boulder was thrown to be over his head into the lake. The bank he was standing on was actually 15 yards from the tree line so it would have taken an enormous strength to loft such a large rock over his head. He was completely terrified and ruled out a prank because nobody has that type of supernatural strength.

3Impersonated By A Skinwalker

Impersonated by a skinwalker from Paranormal


In this creepy story, a girl from England describes a terrifying early morning encounter. It seems like she was hearing her boyfriend’s voice being impersonated. What ended up happening, their dog began investigating in the back garden and ran behind a shed. When they shone a light around, the encountered a large humanoid creature.

The evil thing had all white eyes with a human steaming face. It was as tall as the shed. A skeptical Redditor said that skinwalkers are merely Navajo Shamans. They’re just flesh and blood humans. He says that there aren’t any supernatural creatures, myths or Cryptids among us.

Further, he explains that as a Native American, you’re not meant to take the stories literally. He says that according to Navajos that he knows, these skinwalkers are actually humans that are taught from childhood how to dress in animal skins, walk on all fours and how to accurately mimic the noises animals make.

Another Redditor doubted that this was actually a skinwalker sighting, saying that generally when you’ve encountered them they will appear as animals, or commonly like a human-animal hybrid. Generally a coyote or a wolf. In this case, the type of creature in the UK you’d encounter is more likely to be a werewolf.

The original poster provided even more contacts, saying that the time everybody else was sound asleep in bed, so it wasn’t a prank that a family member was pulling. Furthermore, because the dogs made so much noise, it woke up a cousin who was upstairs. They were able to look out the window and get a glimpse of this creature. They said it was standing in the middle of a garden looking spooky.

2Napa Valley Terror

My moms experiences in the Napa Valley from skinwalkers


In this creepy Skinwalker story, a Redditor relays his mother’s experiences in the Napa Valley throughout her lifetime. Apparently where she lived was nearby a Native American canyon campsite. They know this because there is a lot of local history and they’ve discovered various obsidian arrowheads along the creek bed and in their backyard.

One of the first stories describes how her mother was walking up a nearby hill when she was 10 when she began hearing what sounded like her mother’s voice. However, it sounded somewhat off. The voice was emanating from deep in the dark recesses of the nearby woods and the words were slow and sounded forced. What unnerved his mother most of all was that the words were beckoning them to come to the “bear cave”, a really remote cave.

They were terrified and ran away. Many years later, his mother was converting the home into an inn. They found a dead deer in their backyard one day. This wasn’t too unusual except the buck seemed like it had been torn apart. Its flesh with scattered everywhere throughout the backyard but strangest of all was that only the stomach and heart was missing from it.

1Singing Songs

The YouTuber Hailey Reese read off a terrifying skinwalker story. Tuck yourself into bed and listen to this spooky story if you dare!

More Background

There are lots of genuinely frightening stories that originate from Native American folklore. The one that stands out for many is the Wendigo, possibly due to the fact deep down it reflects our personal human nature, but also implies that we know next to nothing about these horrid and evil creatures amongst us. Even discussing them or bringing up them in passing is a bad omen. The taboo around the subject does suggest there is not a wealth of facts about there. Precisely what is a skinwalker at first glance? Skinwalkers are basically shapeshifters, but a shapeshifter in itself is an extremely loose term. They are able to transform into an animal an object or any other human. It virtually means you can alter your shape or form. The alteration of skinwalkers, in most cases, is restricted to just animals.

[Art] The Skinwalkers from DnD

The Navajo observed skinwalkers as ultra-powerful witches or dodgy medicine men who had achieved the greatest degree of priesthood, but rather they decided to use these supernatural abilities to cause harm and suffering on others. The fear of repercussion, in conjunction with a mistrust of outsiders, are a couple of pretty persuasive explanations why skinwalkers are not freely discussed. Additionally, there is the fact that skinwalkers only share their practices with their own kind, which usually just increases the enigma encompassing them. This also means it’s not likely that the Navajo know, who among them, is really a skinwalker because they change under the cover of night.

What type of animal they transform into does appear to differ- the most typical being a coyote which is often viewed as a trickster. They may also go ahead and take the form of other animals such as foxes, wolves, owls, Eagles and crows. The form they take depends upon the things they require, as each animal has a different set of unique abilities.

Should they plan on destroying someone, then a wolf would be a good choice, as opposed to changing into some kind of bird offers the ability of flight as well as something similar to a crow being, an omen of death could act as a warning or a threat. The skinwalker wears the skin of the animal they transform into, and so the name but wearing the skin of most animals were seen as taboo by a lot of tribes and the Navajo only wore sheepskin and buckskin when it came to ceremonial functions.

Utah Skinwalker sighting? from skinwalkers

So, unless the skinwalkers, only one of these skins during the night, it kind of defeats the whole you never know who the skinwalker among you is because it’s obviously the person wearing the animal skin what it actually takes to become a skinwalker. No one really knows for sure, but as which is a medicine men, it’s believed that a ritual must be performed and given their nature, it’s likely to have been the dark and nefarious kind. There is also the belief that to become a skinwalker, you must first take the life of someone close to you, a friend or family member.

So if some do in fact deem it worthy of taking the life of another, then surely what you receive in return must be impressive. Along with being able to turn into animals, skinwalkers can mimic the sound or voice of any animal or human with the transformation comes enhanced stamina, strength and speed catching a skinwalker in animal form is thought to be impossible. Some skinwalkers were even capable of reading the human mind and if one was to stare into the eyes of a skinwalker for long enough, they can enter your mind and take control of your body.

There isn’t much said about how one kills a skinwalker but similar to stories of werewolves, some believe saying their full name out loud or result in them having to atone for their crimes and even dying in some cases, it’s difficult to say for sure what a skinwalkers motives are.

They may be seen as evil, but they are still human like some humans. They are driven by their own selfish and malicious nature, as you may expect. Over the years there have been hundreds of stories of people claiming to have seen or encountered skinwalkers, but none of these have been proven if a video detailing some of these accounts and stories is something you’d like to see, then let me know in the comments below, If you have enjoyed this video, then please don’t forget to leave a thumbs up, as it really does go a long way. As always, I’ve been your host mythology in fiction explained. You

There are a lot of terrifying Skinwalker stories around the internet. Some people like using them as a source of inspiration for short stories, while others are grounded in reality, documenting supernatural experiences that had on remote highways and in dark forests. We don’t know exactly what’s real and what’s fake, but it’s not so hard to imagine that strange and mysterious creatures might lurk in the vast expanse of the wilderness.


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