Reddit NBA Streams | 2019 Guide + Links To Live Streams

using reddit for nba streams

In this guide, we’ll explain how Reddit NBA streams work and how to live stream basketball on mobile phones & desktop computers for free. (Though we don’t endorse piracy). This includes NBA games, EuroLeague, G League (formerly D League), and Olympic basketball.

We have huge NBA fans on staff and many of them say that Reddit’s subreddit for NBA Streams is their go-to resource for watching live, streaming basketball. Even on your smartphones.

r/nbastreams Banned!

r/nbastreams was banned. It was the most popular subreddit for locating basketball streams- but there are alternatives. Many of the r/nbastreams members joined a private Discord server (we’ve got the links below), or you can check out BuffStream, which is one of the biggest third-party site streaming resources.

Discord + BuffStream Alternatives For January, 2020

OK, so r/nbastreams has been banned from Reddit. You can join their Discord group by using this link ( or this link ( and access the live streams. You can also use this Twitter link to find up-to-date links for the Discord server if the links we’ve provided expire. As well, one of the most popular streaming sites that Reddit used to link to is BuffStream.

It’s likely that other NBA streaming subreddits will pop up in the next few months, but it’s likely they’ll get shut down too. This Discord group is your best option for getting links to live basketball- and they are currently developing their own website for streams in the next several months. So join the Discord group to stay up to date on their progress.

The now-banned r/nbastreams used to provide all the links in an easy format- see below:

reddit nba streams screenshot
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • reddit

How To Stream On Mobile

This video below walks you through streaming on mobile devices. The YouTuber uses a Reddit app to find r/nbastreams, but it will work the same if you’re using a browser:

We Don’t Support Piracy: We don’t support or endorse piracy. This information is purely educational. We recommend that you pay for a streaming service that has legal access to the anime you want to watch. There are a bunch of affordable options- it helps the creators keep coming up with great content!

How To Stream On Desktop

How Reddit NBA Streams Work

Live Streaming Games

If you visit a subreddit like r/nbastreams when a game isn’t live, you won’t see anything. But just before a game begins, generally when an NBA team’s pre-game show starts, the subreddit will populate with posts that collect a bunch of links to off-site, third-party streaming sites, like below in (1) and (2):

reddit nba streams example
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • reddit

This means that Reddit itself isn’t hosting this illegal, streaming content- third-party sites are.

Be forewarned, you’ll probably want to have an ad blocking extension installed on your computer before you visit these links. Many of them are very aggressive with ads and popups, which can be incredibly annoying.

Essentially, this subreddit provides users who have the technical know-how a place to get traffic to their streams. They monetize their streams with various types of advertisements on the page. Users flock to Reddit for these links- and that, in a nutshell, is how the entire operation works.

Downloading Reddit Videos

While these Reddit basketball communities don’t often host videos, if you’re trying to download Reddit videos, you can use VideoDuke to do it.

A 24/7/365 Thread For NBA TV and ESPN Channels Livestreams

There is a thread (now removed) for links to 24/7 streaming content from NBA TV and ESPN. That way you can sate your basketball jones until an actual basketball game airs.

Other Streaming NBA Content

According to a recent post, they’ll also be providing streaming links to the:

2019 NBA Playoffs: April 13 till June More Details

2019 NBA Draft: June 20th, 2019 More Details

2019 NBA awards show: June 24th, 2019 More Details

2019 Summer League: July 5th-15th More Details

BIG3 League: June 22nd – August 24th, 2019 Schedule

At the time of this writing, these are upcoming dates in 2019.


A long-time NBA stream viewer on our staff told us that there have been some moderation changes recently and pointed out this particular thread:

This was a big change, apparently, and helped clean up the subreddit. Before the change, there would be many, many links popping up. Many of them didn’t work or were of poor quality.

The change effectively means that streamers have to apply to post their links, which are promoted within the game threads. This means that the streams are better quality, there are less of them, and there’s less of a strain on the moderation team.

Most Popular Matchups

Using some software we have on hand, we determined that these are the most popular matchups that the r/nbastreams subreddit appears for. Many of them reflect the huge search volume for playoff matchups- as a bunch of the terms reference popular playoff matchups that occur throughout the Spring in the United States.

  1. Warriors Vs Cavs
  2. Rockets Vs Warriors
  3. Celtics Vs Cavs
  4. Warriors Vs Spurs
  5. GSW Vs Cavs
  6. Golden State Vs Cavs
  7. Cavs Vs Celtics 2018
  8. Pacers Vs Cavs
  9. Spurs Vs Rockets
  10. GSW Vs Rockets
  11. Celtics Vs Wizards
  12. Rockets Vs Spurs
  13. Cleveland Vs Golden State
  14. Warriors Vs Jazz
  15. Warriors Vs Pelicans
  16. Celtics Vs Cavaliers
  17. Bulls Vs Celtics
  18. Rockets Vs Thunder
  19. Cavs Vs Celtics Game 3
  20. Spurs Vs Grizzlies
  21. Bucks Vs Celtics
  22. Lakers Vs Spurs
  23. Jazz Vs Thunder
  24. Pelicans Vs Warriors
  25. Okc Vs Rockets
  26. Golden State Vs Rockets
  27. Cavaliers Vs Pacers
  28. Lakers Vs Clippers
  29. Okc Vs Jazz
  30. Golden State Vs Cleveland
  31. Warriors Vs Cavaliers
  32. Warriors Vs Celtics
  33. Lakers Vs Nuggets
  34. Rockets Vs Jazz
  35. Lakers Vs Trail Blazers
  36. Bucks Vs Raptors
  37. Cavs Vs Golden State
  38. Cavs Vs Warriors Live Stream
  39. Raptors Vs Cavs
  40. Cavs Vs Celtics Game 4
  41. Lakers Vs Kings
  42. Cavs Vs Gsw
  43. Lakers Vs Suns
  44. Cleveland Vs Warriors
  45. Rockets Vs Lakers
  46. GSW Vs Spurs
  47. Warriors Vs Blazers
  48. Cavs Vs Celtics Game 5
  49. Cavs Vs Celtics Live Stream

Besides these popular matchups, the Big 3, and G League games, you can also catch a bunch of ancillary league matchups inside of this NBA streaming forum, including: the NBA G League, American Basketball Association (ABA), American Professional Basketball League (APBL), Central Basketball Association (CBA), East Coast Basketball League (ECBL), Florida Basketball Association (FBA), Independent Basketball Association (IBA), Junior Basketball Association (JBA), Midwest Basketball League (MBL), Minor League Basketball Association (MLBA), Midwest Professional Basketball Association (MPBA), North American Basketball League (NABL), Premier Basketball League (PBL), The Basketball League (TBL), Tobacco, Road Basketball League (TRBL), United Basketball League (UBL), and the Universal Basketball Association (UBA).

What You Need To Know About Live Streaming

Live streaming is described as broadcasting of live video in real-time to audiences over the Internet. All that is required to live-stream is a device that is Internet-enabled, such as a tablet or phone, along with the platform you wish to broadcast on. It is similar to on-the-scene news broadcasters or live shows similar to Big Brother.

Live streaming today has become one of the effective methods for different brands to really engage with audiences, and by 2016 it became one of the favored marketing strategies.

At this stage, Facebook Live is the leader as a go-to for the bigger brands where they unveil their latest products, promote upcoming company events and for conducting live Question and Answer sessions.

In addition to Facebook Live, other popular social media platforms that include Persiscope, Instagram and YouTube also have their own live-streaming platforms.

About Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers streaming notifications, real-time interactions, and live streaming. This platform is one of the more appealing sites due to the fact that it provides massive exposure in association to Facebook’s phenomenal global penetration.

About Periscope

Even though this social media platform is still relatively new, it still managed to obtain 10 million users in the first 4 months. In the first year, the iOS and Android platform had already hosted 200 million broadcasts, while 41% of the users were in the 16 to 24-year-old coveted demographic.

About YouTube Live

With over a billion users, YouTube is a very large platform which is recognized as a marketing destination that is highly valuable for a number of brands from across the globe. YouTube Live offers both desktop and mobile accessibility to live streaming for just about all the users that have established channels.

About Instagram Live

The Instagram Stories quickly became an extremely popular feature which allows its users a way to post 10-second pictures and videos which disappear after 24-hours. The platform introduced what is known as Instagram Live in the late part of 2016. This features provides you with ways to stream video content that is live in Instagram Stories. As soon as you are live, the notifications are automatically sent to any of your active followers.

The Importance of Livestreaming

Choosing the correct live streaming platform when it comes to your brand and your company is dependent on who your targeted audience is and where these people prefer to hang-out when it comes to social media channels. Regardless of which platform you decide on, the most important part of the process involves creating live content that is able to communicate the values of your company which need to be entertaining, engaging and most importantly, valuable.

What Is Classified As Value?

You need to ask yourself what need or want does your content fulfill, or what problem can this content solve for your targeted audience? When you are able to answer these questions, you then gain an understanding of the live content type that you require in order to successfully connect with audiences through the process of live streaming.

Summing Up

If you’re trying to watch the NBA online and catch regular season and playoff action, Reddit’s NBA streaming links provide a free way to do that. There are a ton of games to watch and a bunch of different teams, including:

  1. Boston Celtics
  2. Brooklyn Nets
  3. New York Knicks
  4. Philadelphia 76ers
  5. Toronto Raptors
  6. Chicago Bulls
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers
  8. Detroit Pistons
  9. Indiana Pacers
  10. Milwaukee Bucks
  11. Atlanta Hawks
  12. Charlotte Hornets
  13. Miami Heat
  14. Orlando Magic
  15. Washington Wizards
  16. Western Conference
  17. Dallas Mavericks
  18. Houston Rockets
  19. Memphis Grizzlies
  20. New Orleans Pelicans
  21. San Antonio Spurs
  22. Denver Nuggets
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves
  24. Oklahoma City Thunder
  25. Portland Trail Blazers
  26. Utah Jazz
  27. Golden State Warriors
  28. Los Angeles Clippers
  29. Los Angeles Lakers
  30. Phoenix Suns
  31. Sacramento Kings

There are livestreams for all of those games- many of them on ESPN, TNT or local channels. When the playoffs roll around, there’s a lot of people in the forum searching out working links. We do recommend paying for NBA content- you can purchase NBA League Pass, for example.


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