the ohnotheydidnt hashtag

If you’ve come across the #ohnotheydidnt hashtag on Twitter or Instagram it probably refers to one of two things:

1. According to Urban Dictionary, this phrase is “A colloquial expression of incredulity, voiced upon witnessing another’s action or statement, or hearing of it from the actor firsthand.”

We can see this attitude embodied by Conan O’Brien below:


2. There’s also a really big LiveJournal site called Oh No They Didn’t (ONTD). Its tagline is “Celebrity Gossip With Commentary”. According to their Twitter account, “the celebrities are disposable, the gossip is priceless.”

Oh No They Didnt website and #ohnotheydidnt
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Some of their recent posts, on 1/12/19 include:

  • New Line Cinema plans ‘Final Destination’ reboot
  • Lionsgate Lays Off Employees, Ends Partnership with Codeblack
  • Allie X – Science Analog
  • ONTD Original: “…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears came out 20 Years Ago Today
  • Penn Badgley on why he didn’t originally want to play Joe in “You”
  • ONTD Original: 5 Moments with Tom Holland 2018
  • Kate Middleton’s brother’s Instagram account revealed and he talks about his depression
  • Hotel Mumbai Official Trailer & Release Date
  • Megyn Kelly Officially Exits NBC

So, basically, it’s a celebrity style micro-blogging site with tons of user-generated content and comments. We’ve never heard of it before, but apparently, it has a pretty big following. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, this collaborative blog was launched in 2004 by Erin Lang, Bri Draffen and Breniecia Reuben, all of whom were teenagers at the time.

They’ve even broken celebrity news, according to Wikipedia, including the news of Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy. Their influence has waned somewhat in recent years- so their traffic stats aren’t as impressive as they were early in the 2000s.

#ohnotheydidnt On Instagram

The catchphrase has taken on new life on Instagram. The hashtag appears on a variety of posts in often ironic and humorous ways.

Schoolroom Snark

Over on Instagram, one school teacher posted this picture of her colorful storage bins, pointing out the one book with its spine pointed the wrong way:

Vegan Outrage!

Another Instagrammer called bouncerfull_84 posted an image decrying a supermarket stocking vegan and meat products too close to each other:

Elf On The Shelf

The ab19922012 Instagrammer posted the following meme of a somewhat offensive ‘elf on the shelf’:

Snail Pizza?

The unfaketheworld account used the hashtag to help describe a new Dominoes pizza topping from China includes snails, garlic, broccoli and miniature potato croquet.

Giuliani A Leaker?

Newsweek came up with this strange headline- perhaps suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome their frothy outrage got the best of them:

Swilling Chocolate Syrup

Another trending hashtag shows a girl using a chocolate syrup squeeze bottle as a water bottle:

Related Hashtags

According to All Hashtags, these are some of the top related hashtags:


#ohnotheydidnt On Twitter

Towing A Couch With A Bike

One of the top results we found over on Twitter is this short CCTV video clip of someone towing a couch on a bike in traffic:

It comes from the Transport and Main Roads Queensland Twitter account (@TMRQld).

Malaysian Football Freestyler

The DW News Twitter account (@dwnews) posted a short video of a Malaysian girl playing soccer that went pretty viral:

Cornea And Cornea

The Louis Stone (@LouisStoneOptic) Twitter account Tweeted this somewhat corny, albeit funny, meme about corneas with the hashtag:

#ohnotheydidnt YouTube

There’s not a ton of content for this hashtag on YouTube- as of this writing, YouTube is only recently getting into the hashtag game. That said, if you add some spaces to it, and just search for “oh no they didn’t”, one of the top, and funniest, results is this one from Family Guy, where Peter makes a joke of the sassy “oh no she didn’t” comeback:

Weirdly, it’s not even a clip from the show, it’s someone just recording the screen with a smartphone. But as of this writing, it has nearly 1 million views- which shows you the insane potential of publishing content around funny memes!

Summing Up

The #ohnotheydidnt hashtag is a pretty fun one. If you’re looking for a laugh, try using it on Twitter or Instagram for a chuckle.

As well, there’s a big LiveJournal community that uses the expression as their site name. The hashtags themselves don’t really refer to the website, as far as we can tell- it’s more that the LiveJournal site pounced on a clever and fun brand name. LiveJournal is an interesting platform- it’s from the era of micro-blogging.

Nowadays, it feels like a lot of traffic shifted over to platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram, over and above these niche sites. Since we publish a lot of niche sites ourselves, we can say that these sites still probably get appreciable amounts of traffic, but it’s definitely down from the heyday.


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