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Have you ever seen the #mimp hashtag or MIMP acronym before? We have- and at first we were pretty confused. Luckily for you we researched the hell out if it.

What Does MIMP mean #mimp

Have you ever seen the #mimp hashtag before? We have- and at first we were pretty confused. Luckily, Urban Dictionary and some enterprising Googling provides some great insights.

According to Urban Dictionary, there are a couple different meanings.

1. The first one is, ” A puckering of the lips or mouth.”

2. The second one is a bit more involved. According to Urban Dictionary, it means “M.I.M.P. Like a P.I.M.P (Prostitute In My Possession.) M.I.M.P is a woman with Men In My Possession. She easily persuades, or cunningly outsmarts the opposite sex (or same sex) into doing her dirty work.”

3. Another definition, according to the dictionary is a “Musical IMProviser” which is a “musician, usually keyboardist, who improvises music to support improv theater performances.”

4. We also found that if you use the #mimp hashtag on social media, it returns a lot of images related to “Boglins”. According to Wikipedia, “Boglins were a series of toy puppets distributed by Mattel.” After doing some digging, MIMP is an acronym for “monster in my pocket”, which is also a popular hashtag.

Boglins & Monster In My Pocket (#mimp)

Apparently, these small, colorful goblin-looking toys were hand puppets built from flexible rubber and can be twisted up to represent different expressions.

5. Another use of the MIMP term comes from a website that uses it to refer to “portraits of women with body types that have traditionally been left out of mainstream media, Me In My Place”. Because it’s a NSFW website- we chose not to link to it, but you can Google for it using the snippet of quote we included above to find it.

6. Yet another definition comes from a website, The Horde Project, that says, “MIMP is a project to create a version of IMP suitable for small mobile devices such as WAP phones or PDAs.” So that’s a much more technical definition of the term- indeed Google can’t seem to figure out what users are looking for since there are so many different definitions on the first page!

You can also use an Acronym Finder to dig up even more related meanings. According to their site, it includes things like:

  1. Monster in My Pocket (toys)
  2. MIMP Mint in Mint Package (toy collecting)
  3. MIMP Mafia Island Marine Park (Tanzania)
  4. MIMP Manchester is my Planet (Manchester, England climate change group)
  5. MIMP Money In My Pocket (Adelaide, Australia)
  6. MIMP Mitigation Implementation and Monitoring Plan
  7. MIMP Magic in My Pocket

#mimp On Instagram

Some of the images over on Instagram a are a bit risque- and we’re a family friendly site! However, here’s a couple that we curated to give you a sense of what kind of content the hashtag curates over on Instagram. In the photo below, the hashtag is a bit tongue in cheek, with several girls in the photo proclaiming their strong ‘boss’ status:

The gardenofwho Instagram account likes using this hashtag- here’s one of their more popular #mimp hashtagged images below. It shows a woman who looks to be in her twenties in a black swimsuit with a bit of a winsome expression on her face and a red scrunchie binding her hair into a bit of a ragged ponytail:

#mimp On Twitter

One popular tweet that used the #mimp hashtag was this one below. According to the user, he bought this inflatable Dryad that was functioning as a Spaghetti O store display:

Another Twitter user posted a picture of a dinosaur figurine, saying that this Series 6 Dinosaurs was one of his favorite of the later lines:

 Summing Up

This was an interesting hashtag to unpack- it apparently has a bunch of different meanings. Urban Dictionary provides a good starting ground to investigate it, but there are several definitions that even this indispensable resource didn’t pick up on. But, that’s OK- because a lot of times people are inventing new words, acronyms, and hashtags at such a furious pace that it’s almost impossible to keep up!


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