The #gaymas hashtag is a trending phenomenon on Instagram- especially as of this writing. That’s because Christmas just passed (it’s January 2019, as of this writing).

What Is #gaymas?

We Googled around a bit, but it appears that no one has ever written anything about it. But it continually crops up on Instagram.

Apparently, the hashtag is used to indicate homosexual men and women celebrating Christmas.

Just check out some of these Instagram posts and you’ll get a sense.

In this post from Sydney Harbor, the chrisisainmdom Instagram account posted this festive image of two men in matching Christmas-themed outfits:

chrisisainmdom writes “It’s #Christmas in #australia (hahah we get it first😅) and I’m so […] happy I get to spend it with my Aussie Boo 😘🖤 #bestchristmasever.”

Fun Baking

Another funny post from shewhobakes shows a man suggestively consuming sugar cookies from Christmas tins:

The post caption reads “When your baking gets the reaction it deserves 👌✨🖤 #gaymas #gaymas19 #baking #baker #gingerbread #veganbaking #christmas #friends #whyhellothere #mincepies #lebkuchen #pierniczki”

Candy Cane Confection

Another festive #gaymas photo comes from the lesbian.cth account. They write “goodnight loves! hope u all had a very merry christmas!! xx”:

It’s a stylish snapshot showcasing a pair of white Christmas mugs with gold lettering filled with a delicious-looking whipped-cream and candy cane confection drink.

Arts & Crafts

The lgbtoap_community posted this #gaymas flag:

Family Photo

The daddy_papa_and_me_make3 Instagram account posted this family photo:

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Serving up some Christmas Cheese!

A post shared by Daddy, Papa and Me Make 3 (@daddy_papa_and_me_make3) on

One of the top commenters said “Such a wonderful jovial family portrait…and featuring your beautifully decorated tree”.

Other Thoughts

Social media definitely provides an outlet for homosexual couples, who sometimes have difficulty integrating with their families during the holidays, a space to celebrate.

It can be a very tense time, apparently, for people who are ‘closeted’, and have to endure being asked if they have opposite-sexed partners.

In addition, there are sometimes festering wounds and resentments between gay people and their loved ones over their sexuality. This can sometimes cause a lot of friction during the holidays and make gift giving a real chore.

If you read the comments sections on Instagram or YouTube, where people are discussing being gay over the holidays, it’s apparent that there’s a ton of people undergoing stress and strain on account of their sexuality and being forced to spend time with loved ones who aren’t supportive.

The #gaymas hashtag helps to curate tongue-in-cheek images of same-sex couples enjoying the holidays.

The FlawlessKevin YouTube channel put together an interesting thought piece entitled “Gay Struggles: Christmas!”

The video articulates some situations that LGBT folks undergo during the Christmas season. If you read the comments sections, a ton of YouTube users empathize with the holiday hardship the YouTuber articulates.


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