Have you seen the hashtag #bullionstacker trending on Instagram or Twitter? Confused? We’re going to examine its origins and meaning by harnessing the power of The Google.

If you actually Google #bullionstacker, you’ll see that the top result is BuillionStacker, a “Precious Metals Discussion and Trading Forum”:


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It’s a pretty dry-looking forum website. But if you head over to Instagram, you’ll get some punchy looking images of people stacking bullion. Whether they’re prepping for the downfall of the U.S. government or the zombie apocalypse, we don’t know- but these gold and silver bullion stacks make for some heckin’ cool images:

One World Trade Silver Eagle

The silvereagle1616 Instagrammer posted this gorgeous image below, saying that it’s a World trade unit that he’s never seen before- he bought it in Missouri:

Deadpool Bullion

Here’s a curious one- it’s described as a “DeadPool (1oz) Marvel Coin” and it’s posted by silver_lover444:

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🔥Mailed 🔥Draw 749pm az time 🔥We are closed 🔥10/27/18 🔥I will announce a draw 🔥DeadPool (1oz) Marvel Coin🔥 🔹️🔹️🔹️ 🔥10 spots @ $4.25 per spot 🔹️🔹️🔹️ 🔥paypal.me/SnowyPeaksMetals 🔹️🔹️🔹️ 🔥Ship/track included in the USA 🔹️🔹️🔹️ 1)@kali_stacking 2)@northbaycoins 3)@prepping.gold.and.silver.nj 4)@prepping.gold.and.silver.nj 5)@jumbo_randall 6)@d_kranmer 7)@northbaycoins 8)@d_kranmer✔ 9)@northbaycoins 10)@kali_stacking #Silver #SilverBar #SilverCoin #SilverWeight #SilverBullion #SilverStacking #SilverStacker #Gold #GoldBar #GoldCoin #GoldBullion #GoldWeight #GoldStacking #GoldStacker #Stacker #Stacking #StackingSilver #StackingGold #BullionStacker #Bullion

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Paper Is Poverty

The apmetals Instagrammer posted this tongue-in-cheek Paper is Poverty! Deluminati Silver Ounce. It’s a special Halloween Collection edition coin showcasing a spooky, skeletal George Washington with text around the edge that reads “It’s only the ghost of money and not money itself”:

Amsterdam Zoon

The geo_brand Instagrammer showcased his silver collection, apparently called Amsterdam Zoon:

If you’re into Instagram hashtag research, he listed out a ton in his post: “#silberbarren #silverbars #silverporn #pouredsilver #ingotsilver #doduco #esg #scheideanstalt #feinsilber #finesilver #999 #osb #sao #geiger #geigersilver #yps #yeagerspouredsilver #heimerlemeule #roudbaugh #bullionstacker #bullionstacking #metalor #nes #scottsdale #bisbeemine #100grammsilberbarren #100gram #handschmeichler #drijfhout”.

Coin Shoppe Gold

Another Instagrammer posted a picture of some gorgeous yellow-gold:

The image was posted by thecoinshoppe Instagram account, which is a Toronto, Canada-based business that is “Your Source for Modern Numismatic Coins”.

The Lunar Rooster Pyramid Stack

Another interesting image ranking for this hashtag is this one below that, apparently, is a “Lunar rooster pyramid stack 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 10 oz and 1kg”, according to the Instagrammer:

Holographic Moon Bar

Another cool image from silvereagle1616. It shows off a holographic Silverbugs In Space bullion:

The Instagrammer says that he’d been desperately trying to collect this Moon Bar for a really long time- his sister finally ended up buying it for him.

Bank Of England Bullion

OK, we cheated on this one a bit- it didn’t use the #bullionstacker hashtag- but we got inspired by all these cool images. This one just uses the #bullion hashtag- it showcases some of the Bank of England’s apparently 400,000-strong gold bars:

The Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins Throughout The World

Gold bullion coins have both extrinsic and intrinsic value. They represent strategic investments, and they are also favorites of coin collectors in general. Given gold coins are minted throughout the world in many different countries, there are quite a few options when it comes to collecting them. Year minted, condition and other factors have everything to do with a coin’s value. Let’s start by looking at some of the most popular gold bullion coins throughout the world.

American Gold Eagle

First, there is the American Gold Eagle. That should come as no surprise, as it is a household name for most people in the US. It’s not a currency used for purchases on a daily basis, but it is a gold bullion coin that most people are familiar with.

There is a reason for that, as it is one of the most popular. Many people think that the American Gold Eagle has been around for much longer than 1986, but that’s not the case.

South African Krugerrand

Speaking of longevity, it’s time to move on to the South African Krugerrand. Did you know that the Krugerrand was the first modern gold bullion coin in the world?

The year was 1967 when the Krugerrand was first minted. International investors are seeking it out even more these days post-apartheid. Specifically, US investors are all over this coin, and it is definitely one of the most popular gold bullion coins on the market.

Austria’s Philharmonic

Both the American Gold Eagle and the South African Krugerrand are 22 karat gold. Austria’s Philharmonic is 24 karat gold, and it is another top pick. It is also popular in its silver form.

It should be mentioned, however, that this specific coin isn’t one of the favorites in Asian countries. Some coins like the American Gold Eagle are popular globally no matter where you go. The Philharmonic might not have the same status as the Krugerrand or the Gold Eagle, but it is extremely popular with investors nonetheless.

Canadian Maple Leaf

Then there is the Canadian Maple Leaf, which is right up there with the Gold Eagle in terms of international status.

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Engraved for Dr David Darom. Made by SR Johnson. The first gilded pearl completed 2008. While studying damascene and visiting swordmakers in japan, one morning I was meditating in a 300 year old banzai garden. Interrupting my meditations were visions of a knife with gold inlaid in the handle, and the tools required to execute this new technique. When I arrived home I received a box in the mail from SRJ, and when I opened it, the hair stood up on the back of my neck, in the box was the fighter I had seen in my meditations. I knew what to do next. . #japan#damascene#firearmsengraversguildofamerica #knife #knifecommunity #knifestagram #pearls #usn#usngathering #barryleehands#theverybest#mypersonalcollection#gold#24k#canadianmapleleaf #goldcoin

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Remember that the apartheid affected the status of the Krugerrand for quite some time, and that is when the Canadian Maple Leaf stepped onto the scene. You’re really talking about the gold standard here, as it is one of the purest coins. Hands down, if you were to take an international poll, the Maple Leaf would likely win the popular vote.

If you were to go to Europe, you would find that in many places, the Philharmonic is preferred over the American Gold Eagle. So which gold bullion coin is the most popular is still going to vary by location. That said, the Maple Leaf is still the winner and the most popular coin overall. And while there are other gold bullion coins to choose from, the four mentioned take the cake. If you are going to dive into the world of gold bullion coin investing, you’ve been provided with a great starting point that should keep you busy for quite some time.

Other Bullion Hashtags

If you want to up your Instagram or Twitter game and get more exposure to your bullion, gold or silver content, try using some of these hashtags generated from All Hashtags:

  • #bullionstacker
  • #Silver
  • #SilverBar
  • #SilverCoin
  • #SilverWeight
  • #SilverBullion
  • #SilverStacking
  • #SilverStacker
  • #Gold
  • #GoldBar
  • #GoldCoin
  • #GoldBullion
  • #GoldWeight
  • #GoldStacking
  • #GoldStacker
  • #Stacker
  • #Stacking
  • #StackingSilver
  • #StackingGold
  • #BullionStacker
  • #BullionStacking
  • #VintageStacker
  • #VintageStacking
  • #Bullion
  • #Coin
  • #Coins
  • #romesgramstack
  • #silver
  • #silverbullion
  • #bullion

Summing Up

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our analysis of the #bullionstacker hashtag. It was definitely fun looking at some of the cool images of coins- we had no idea that there were so many different types, and even novelty, coins. Some of the Instagram accounts even do giveaways to win coins- it could be a fun and cheap way to score some of these gorgeous coins!


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