If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram and come across the #amwf hashtag, it’s not immediately apparent what it means.

What Does #amwf Mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, it refers to “an Asian Male and White Female relationship. The smaller but more balanced counterpart to WMAF (White Male and Asian Female).”

Popular related hashtags, according to Hashtagify include:

  1. #AMXF
  2. #AsianMaleWhiteFemale
  3. #asianman
  4. #TWD
  5. #TheWalkingDead

Walking Dead Tie In

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, a popular AMC show about a zombie apocalypse, you’ll probably quickly realize that the #amwf hashtag refers to Glenn and Maggie’s relationship on the show:

The Best #amwf Instagram Posts

Irish Beaches

The Instagram user szonjakarina posted this image below from Northern Ireland. It’s one of the most popular images for this hashtag:

Missing Each Other

The Instagram user nikii.maria posted the image below, saying “Already feeling really empty without you… #amwf #ldr #internationalcouple #hongkong #germany”:

New Haircut

Another Instagram user employed the hashtag on this post:

Reading into the post, gom_4_mari writes “Today my #husband spent almost 2 hours looking after our 2 kids so I could get a haircut. Imagine his facial expression when I saw him after that.”

International Travel

Another Instagram user called cassandraarmijo, who tagged their location as Beijing, China, showcased a gorgeous background:

They included some other interesting hashtags, if you’re curious about filtering Instagram to find related content: “#city_explore #amwf #couple #love #interracialcouple”.

Puppy Purchase

The lindsey_lovesyouu Instagram account was apparently documenting their Seoul, South Korean puppy purchase and posted this naturalistic photo:

They included a bunch of dog-related hashtags along with the #amwf hashtag: “#puppy #newpuppy #puppiesofinstagram #pomeranian #pomeranianpuppy #amwf #amwfcouple #internationalcouple #korea #skypark #seoul #autumn #winter”.

Sick With The Flu

The Instagrammer paulajaymullins posted the image below:

She writes that “My hubby had a birthday yesterday 🎉🎉 So happy to celebrate with you even though we both have the flu 😂 this picture is how I wish we felt right now. I love you for the rest of my life.”


The amwflovecouples account curates a lot of this content. One of their top posts is this shot of a wedding proposal:

They write “Couple No374! We also got married this year, it has been four months of marital bliss!”

Exploring Asian Male And White Female Relationships

According to data gathered from dating apps, Asian males often struggle to find romantic partners. Asian males and black females are the two groups that are least likely to receive responses to their messages. While Asian males have traditionally dated Asian women, many men are now seeking to broaden their dating pool and are starting to date white women.

Why Are Asian Men Pursuing White Women?

As mentioned above, Asian men often focused on messaging Asian women exclusively. However, Asian women are frequently approached by people in many other groups. Because Asian women receive a great deal of attention from numerous groups, they are less likely to respond to messages from Asian men.

This doesn’t mean that Asian men are no longer dating other Asian women; Asian men are dating people in every potential group. With that said, trends show that many Asian men are now making a point of messaging white women in dating apps.

Are Asian Men Approaching White Women Outside Of Dating Apps?

Dating apps are one of the easiest ways to gather information about relationship trends, especially when it comes to newer trends. The majority of people that use dating apps clearly identify themselves as a particular race and apps provide a lot of quantifiable data. We’ll have to wait to get more concrete data on the number of Asian men that are in relationships with white women.

It does seem likely that these trends aren’t limited to dating apps. Typically, the trends that we see on display in apps show up outside of apps as well. Multiple dating apps have shown the same trends, which means it’s likely that this pattern is occurring in a lot of different areas.

How Are White Women Responding To Asian Men?

People from younger age groups appear to be more open to dating other races than people from older groups. Because of this, a large number of women are responding positively to the messages that they are receiving from Asian men.

In the past, there were some social stigmas against Asian men. Thankfully, it appears that those stigmas are starting to change. Many white women are happy to be in relationships with Asian men.

Why Are These Trends Important?

These trends aren’t necessarily significant on an individual basis. They’re more useful when it comes to spotting patterns. This data might not impact your experiences on dating apps, but it helps us see how dating apps are changing the way that people interact with each other.

If you look at these trends a little more closely, you’ll be able to notice a number of patterns. This is just one of many patterns that have been identified because of data from dating apps.

It’s worthwhile to look at the data that we have on the relationships between Asian men and white female. Even though the data we have right now is limited, it’s likely that we’ll be able to gather more data in time. By exploring this data, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of what the dating world is like today.


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