If you’re into motorcycles and frequently see the #advrider or #adventurerider hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, it refers to the concept of adventure motorcycle riding, as well as to the Adventure Rider website and brand.

According to their site, “Adventure Rider is the center of the adventure motorcycle riding world. Visit ADVrider.com for the latest news, reviews and adventure community discussions.”

What Is Adventure Riding (#advrider)?

According to American Motorcyclist, adventure riding refers to “exploring, traveling and discovering amazing routes all over the country”.

Whether or not the hashtag exclusively refers to the brand or the concept of adventure motor-biking, there’s certainly an active community on Instagram.

This lively Instagram following employs the hashtag to post gorgeous images of their epic adventure motorcycling exploits.

Snowy Swiss Travels

Another Instagram user called rodeo.cowboy, writes “Roses are red, violets are blue, you have 692 CC and I love you. So much awesomeness wrapped around 1 cylinder. I am in love with the 701.”

Gorgeous Bikes

Long Distance Travel

Another Instagrammer really captured the soul of the adventure motorcycling movement with the Instagram post below. The rider, who calls himself gr4nola writes “And that’s a wrap. 1 year and 27,000 miles of riding, crashing and pushing my motorcycle down the Americas. I’m back home now to build a new bike and plan my route across the next continent.”

Cliff Edge Excitement

The motorcyclist apparently did a 27,000-mile tour and posted some stunning images from his trip on his page:

He writes, “Leaving 2018 exceptionally grateful for one of the most significant years of my life…more motivated and inspired than ever for 2019 and beyond.”

Stunning Waterfalls

Another post showcases emerald-green waterfalls:

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Hard to leave places like this…

A post shared by Jake (@gr4nola) on

If you read into the comments section, it turns out that the pictures if from Iguazú Falls. These are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná.

The Low Down

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In essence, some riders refer to adventure motorcycle riding as riding on dirt only. But for other riders, it isn’t an adventure unless the dirt is either challenging or technical.

When it comes to a challenge, the Dakar Rally has been said to be one of the most extreme in terms of difficulty.

However, if you’re not the great Jimmy Lewis, then you’re probably not competing in the Dakar at all. And, there is much more to the adventure than just a difficult off-road rally.

The adventure is more so defined by facing the unknown as you dive purposefully into anything that it throws at you. So, adventure motorcycle riding just simply means going head on into a journey with being able to deal with mechanical mishaps at the lonely side of the road, varying weather conditions and even completely unexpected obstacles that will more than likely ruin your day. And, it can ruin the entire trip as well.

The adventure is dependent on your ability, experience and even your expectations as you ride. For some riders, leaving the city and heading into the desert is a really huge adventure. And, when it comes to those who are one with the uncrowded mountain roads and deserts, the city traffic can definitely be a rewarding challenge for them. When it comes to having an adventure, you should just go looking because it exists all around.

For riders, it is quite difficult to actually get out there and ride without actually finding an adventure. So, the more you ride, the more sudden adventures you will find yourself stumbling on. No matter how small, any adventure to be had builds your skill and it even sets you out to accomplish even more. Most riders have quite the successful adventure when they break their own boundaries and stretch out of their comfort zone, and it you’re doing that on your motorcycle, then you are indeed an adventure rider.

In addition to the adventure, there are also adventure motorcycles. However, their specifications aren’t really defined but, some features do stand out. These can be anything from the suspension travel, the crash bars and even the generous fuel range. Along with the already mentioned, comfortable ergonomics, an upright riding position and a comfortable seat that can more than withstand endless miles also indicate an adventure motorcycle.

As of recent times, adventure cycles have been built stronger, heavier and more powerful, and when compared to the typical motorcycle, they have been said to be a bit more complicated. Due to this, they have been known to be difficult to repair on the open remote road and they aren’t entirely dirt friendly. However, their specifications have made them quite hardy, especially for traveling long distances as riders explore the back roads.

As we conclude our article, we have just looked at what is adventure motorcycle riding. In addition, we have also looked at some common specifications that adventure bikes tend to have. So, if you’re looking for an adventure, just hop on and head out because adventure can be found in just about every ride!

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Summing Up

We hope that this article clears up the #advrider and #adventurerider hashtags.

It’s an exciting hashtag to follow- and really showcases the ingenuity of these adventurous travelers.

Part motorcyclists and part travel photographers, they zoom around the world taking amazing pictures documenting their crazy trips.

Undoubtedly, they confront a lot of hardships on the road and presumably have to be fairly savvy mechanics to repair issues that arise with their vehicles.

Many people dream of taking an RV trip around the U.S. This is definitely a different animal- but not a bad experience if you can afford a comfortable bike and perhaps some decent accommodations during the trip!


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